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Makeup Trends Tips

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New Year's Eve Makeup for an Unforgettable Look

New Year's Eve is the night to say goodbye to the old and usher in the new. It's also a night to try fun and flirty looks. If you have a party lined up and don't know what to do about your makeup, try these ideas.

  • If you want to attract that cute guy that you've had your eye on (or just attract your longtime significant other), go with a bold lip. Think ruby red lips that catch the eye and attract plenty of attention. Be sure to exfoliate lips before applying so that your pucker is smooth and soft.

  • For your eyes, you can't go wrong with a shimmery metallic eye shadow palette. Try shades like silver, gold, copper or any hue infused with some sheen. You also can rely on the tried and true smoky eye.

  • With so much going on with your eyes and lips, the rest of your face should stay neutral. You can add some color to the apples of your cheeks if you want, but don't go overboard on the foundation. Choose a color that matches your skin and apply sparingly so that the rest of your makeup stands out even more.

Pair this makeup look with a shiny little dress, great heels, and fun hair and you will undoubtedly be the center of any New Year's Eve attraction.


How to do 70's Makeup Like a Disco Queen

The 1970's was an exciting decade for women's fashion. Makeup appeared natural, but glossy lips and shimmery eyes popped. Learn to do your foundation, cheeks, eyes, and lips, so you will be ready for a disco dance.

Natural Foundation

Choose a natural foundation that blends with your natural skin color. The goal of 1970's foundation was to make your skin look natural. You should just apply enough foundation to reduce blemishes and even out your natural skin tone. If you want to achieve that 70's tanned look, you can also use a good bronzer.

Glossy Lips

The wet look was in back then. Try glossy lipstick. Shades of pink were popular, so you could opt for pink or even nude lip gloss.

Shimmery Eyes

Select earth tones with glitter. Fair skinned women might consider frosty tan, light blue, or even white shades. Darker skinned ladies might opt for glittery greens and browns. A darker color goes right over the eyes, and it gets blended in with a lighter color up to the eyebrows. Use subtle mascara and a light eyebrow pencil to make eyes look big and glittery.

Sculpt Your Cheekbones

A light brush of blusher right below the top of your cheekbones can make them look larger. Blend in the blush, so it does not look painted on.


Try comparing 1970's photos of such icons as Farah Fawcett and Liza Minelli for inspiration!


How to do 60s Makeup

The modern woman of the 60's saw herself as empowered and coming into her own. She emphasized her boldness with her eyes, which were accentuated heavily, while paling the rest of the face. She stood liberated and free, yet maintained femininity and grace in her persona.

Eyes First

Gather dark liner, white liner, eyeshadow in pearly white or neutral and dark brown, false eyelashes or mascara.

  • Step 1. Using a base layer of light eye shadow, lightly blend to cover the entire lid.

  • Step 2. Using an angled shadow brush, apply brown eye shadow along the natural crease of the lid, starting on the inside, blending along to the outer end, adding depth to the eyes.

  • Step 3. Draw a line along the inner rim of lower lid with the white liner to make the eyes look large and luminous.

  • Step 4. Apply cream or liquid eyeliner along the upper lash line, tapering and extending it a bit beyond the outer end of the eye. Next, line the lower lid or draw little dots just under the lashes.

  • Step 5. Brush on several layers of mascara, or use false eyelashes to make those peepers totally dramatic.

Face: Subtle and Subdued

You will need:

  • A light layer of foundation and a good dusting of powder to give a smooth finish to the skin.

  • A neutral shade of blush.

  • Pale shades of lipstick.

Voila! You are ready to swing in your 60's charm!


Vintage 1950's Makeup -- Movie Star Style

What is your movie star style? Is your look sultry and fun like Marilyn Monroe? Do you want to glance shyly through your thick, heavy lashes like Audrey Hepburn? We have you covered with glamorous vintage makeup tips.

For both looks you need to exfoliate and moisturize your skin as well as use a radiant or light reflecting foundation and powder. Dewy, fresh, beautiful skin was a hallmark of 1950’s makeup. You don’t want to skimp on all that beautiful shine. Prepare your eyelids as a backdrop by covering the lid to the eyebrow with a pink or other pastel eye shadow.

Look Like Marilyn

Start your Marilyn transformation with eyeliner. Start with a thin line and thicken as you move toward the outside edge of the eyelid. Extend the line just a bit past the outer edge of your eyelid. Finish with red lip gloss (or red lipstick with a clear gloss on top), and layers of black mascara. Don't forget to apply your eyeliner mole!

An Allure Like Audrey

The Hepburn eyeliner is thicker on top than Marilyn's. After you sweep your eyeliner across the lid to about half a centimeter past the outside lid you can use makeup remover and a cotton swab to make the line crisp along the top. Keep mascara and eyeliner very light below your eye to create the shy, mysterious look.

Either look will make you feel like a movie star. Get ready to greet your fans and have a great time.


Harken Back to Platforms and Plaid with 90s-Inspired Makeup

The 90s. It was a time marked by platforms, flannel, and ripped jeans. With the 90s fashion revival in full swing, now is the time to dust off your Nirvana t-shirt and copy the biggest makeup trends of the decade.

  • The 1990s were all about disaffected, petulant youth. To capture that moodiness, go for a bold and dark-colored lip. Shades like brick or wine will suit some skin tones, while others should go for plum or purple hues.

  • While looking done up, you don't want to look too caked in makeup. A lot of 90s looks had a natural quality to them. Therefore, skip the concealer if your skin is healthy enough to do so. If not, blend in the formula to match your skin tone.

  • Eye shadow colors, unlike many 90s trends, remained quite understated. Think along the lines of light colors like taupe and beige. This color should enhance your eyes no matter your skin tone.

To finish your look, you can dress in a baby doll dress, a beanie, and some combat boots to look utterly 90s.


How to do 80s Makeup

The 80s were a wild and fun time, and if you are going for the punk look, a 80s themed party or simply love the style, the thing to remember is that the 80s was the time of differently colored shoes and lots of colors.

Get Your Makeup Kit

The first step is to collect all the makeup you will be needing. Remember that you will require a variety of colors, and most of them will be flashy, so make sure you are well-stocked.

Clean Up to Makeup

The next step is to start with a clean canvas, so to speak. Make sure you have cleaned your face using warm water and a cleanser. Dry your face before you start putting on the makeup.

Strong Foundation

Once your face is dry, apply foundation to your face.

Powder Up

Powder yourself as best fits your skin type. This makes the makeup stay on longer.

Windows to the Soul

Next, work on your eyes. Use a heavy eyeliner on both the upper and lower lid. Then apply mascara and eye shadow, preferably of a bright color such as shades of blue, magenta or green. Remember, the 80s were not about looking natural.


Next comes the lip; first apply a primer, then follow it up with a lip liner. Finally, apply frosted lip gloss, preferably glittery and you are ready for the time machine, or to bring the 80s to a time near you.

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