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Prom Makeup Tips

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How do I get sexy eyes for prom?

Sexy Eyes For Prom

Want to do a sultry look? Try an all over neutral color with a sheer black shadow in the crease and bottom of lid. Blend from the outer corner of eye to the inner. Use a bronze or silver shimmer all over to blend evenly and give eyes a sexy look! Try putting a little shimmer under the eye for a more dramatic effect. Shimmer is in! Don't want to go dramatic? Try using a trio of browns that have a shimmer to them. Remember to blend evenly, from the eyelash line to the brow line.

How do I get my body to shine?

Shimmer, Not Glitter!

Getting ready for prom? With all those gorgous dresses and pretty faces to contend with, you'll want to be the one who stands out! Find a body dusting powder or a bronzer with shimmer in it and dust lightly over shoulder and neck area. Even it out by putting some on your arms and on the back of your neck if your hair is up. Shimmer powders will look more natural under prom lights than body gels with glitter. Glitter makes you look young, shimmer will keep you shining bright!


"Set" Your Makeup

You've got your dress, shoes, and your date. Your prom tickets are carefully tucked in your evening bag. Your makeup is beautiful and the colors you choose look great. But with all the prom pictures about to take place, and the hours of dancing under the bright disco lights, you need to set your look so your makeup isn't ruined. Find a loose, translucent (sheer) powder and dust lightly over entire face and throat area with a powder brush to "set" makeup once look is finished.

What type of foundation should I use for prom?

Foundation for Prom

Getting ready for prom can be exhilirating, but remember that this is supposed to be fun! And you want your skin to look its best, so make sure to find a good foundation for the big night.

If you're not used to wearing makeup, try a tinted moisturizer. This will give your skin a sheer coverage with a very natural look. Make sure to use a tinted moisturizer on a cleansed face and blend well into the throat for a natural, fresh look.

If you're a makeup pro, try to find a moderate coverage foundation and apply to cleansed face and throat area. Make sure to blend, blend, blend! Most important: find a color that matches your skin tone and use a bronzer for color.

How should I do my Lips for prom?

Perfect Lip Color For Prom

If you're doing your eyes dramatic, use a lighter color on your lips. Try a natural lip liner color and blend into lips with finger or lipbrush. Then apply a high-shine gloss for lots of shimmer! Not doing much with makeup for prom? Try a plum colored lip liner and blend with finger or lipbrush. Then, apply a close colored lip stick and blot. Apply a high-shine gloss to center of bottom lip and voila... your lips are HOT!

How should eyeliner be applied?

Using Eyeliner Correctly

Here's a little secret...eyeliner should be used to accentuate the lash line, not for color on the eyelid. If you have dark features, use a navy or deep brown liner (black makes eyes look tired) just above the lash line. If you have lighter features, try a deep brown. Then smudge outwards with your fingertip or eyeliner brush. Follow with a complimentary-colored mascara and don't forget to curl lashes BEFORE applying mascara! This will give your eyes a natural look with outstanding lashes!

How do I get my lips to look their best for prom?

Pucker up for prom!

You want your lips to look powerful the night of prom. One key tip is to make sure you exfoliate your lips before applying lipstick. Apply exfoliator to your lips and use finger in a circular motion to get rid of dry, chapped skin. Try one with peppermint oil to help revitalize tired and dried up lips. Then, apply a lip liner and soften the look with you finger or lipbrush. Apply a great gloss with fingers or lipbrush... dab instead of rubbing across lips, this will keep the shine!

I have a lot of freckles, how should I do my makeup for prom?

Got Freckles? Get Fresh!

Although you might not believe it, your freckles ARE cute! Makeup for prom can be confusing so lets make it easy. Play your eyes up a bit. Use plums, browns, and navy colors with shimmer all over lids. Try smudging eyeliner (preferably deep brown or navy) with fingertip or eyeliner brush for a more natural finish. Set with eyelash curler and dark brown mascara. Use a bronzer with shimmer instead of blush for color. Remember to put bronzer on shoulders and neck too. Finish look with a natural color lip liner, again, smudge with finger or lipbrush, and a very sheer but juicy wet gloss.

How can I get my body tan for prom without going tanning?

Get a Tan, Without Tanning

You tried for a tan glow for prom but got stuck with a burnt chest? Try a spray on bronzer! You can find them at any nationwide drug store, and come in a variety of shades. Buy a couple to see which shade matches your skin tone by doing a patch test on your arm/leg. Spray a tiny bit and rub into skin. Whichever shade looks most natural without looking orange is the shade you should use. Keep the receipt and bring back the other spray on's that weren't used so you have the perfect color and money has been saved!

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