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Mineral Makeup Tips

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Should I use pure mineral makeup?

Beauty Information: Tips for Using Pure Mineral Makeup

Pure mineral makeup has become popular because it's less harsh on the skin than other products. But before using this makeup, it helps to have a few tips. Read on to learn how to achieve smoother skin with pure mineral makeup.

Apply a moisturizer before using mineral makeup. Even individuals with oily skin may experience some dryness and flaking when using this type of makeup. Applying a moisturizer with SPF will make skin look softer and provide protection from the sun.

Use a large brush when applying the makeup. Shaker lids often let way too much makeup out – creating a thick application. Using a large fluffy brush will allow for an even, soft application.

Use a finishing spay. If after applying mineral makeup, your skin still looks dry, apply a moisturizing finishing spray to the skin. This will get rid of that “flaky look” and make skin appear more flawless.

How can I maintain my make-up brushes?

Keep Those Brushes Fresh and Clean

The key to application is maintaining good, clean brushes. While it's true that great brushes can help you to apply flawless and beautiful make-up, if you don't clean them they will also help you to apply dirt and oil residue. In addition, treating your brushes carelessly can lead to an accumulation of a mixture of make-ups on the tip of your brush—what a mess! Next time you use a brush don't toss it carelessly back into your make-up bag (this will result in residue and matted tips). In order to properly clean your brushes start by running them under lukewarm water after each usage. Then, put a tiny bit of mild shampoo on your finger, like baby shampoo, creating lather by rubbing your index finger and thumb together. Next, massage shampoo gently into brushes. Rinse when finished; wring out any liquid, then leave to dry on a flat, clean, dry surface.

How do I apply a mineral foundation or conncealer?

Applying a Mineral Foundation or Concealer

You've heard that mineral cosmetics can do wonders for your skin but how do you apply it? The application process is important, here is a simple guide that will help you to apply a mineral foundation or concealer: Put a small portion of powder into the lid of the container. Swirl an application brush into it. Point the brush head upwards and tap the tip of the handle on a hard surface, like the counter (this will evenly settle the powder). Apply in thin layers and on clean, dry skin. Begin at the jaw and guide towards the middle of the face using up and outward strokes.

Should I use pure mineral makeup?

Beauty Information: Tips for Applying Makeup Quicker

Switching to mineral makeup can help minimize breakouts and issues with eczema. This makeup is also super quick to apply – allowing you to throw out existing foundations and powders and streamline your routine. Read on to learn more about applying pure mineral makeup.

First, apply a moisturizer with SPF 15 all over your skin. If you have oily skin, choose a product that is oil-free and won't clog pores. Let the moisturizer soak into your skin for a few minutes before applying makeup.

Then, use a mineral makeup powder on your face. Choose a large brush and apply to your entire face in a circular motion. If you want added color, select a mineral blush or bronzer to apply to the face.

Finish off the look by applying a subtle eye shadow and gently lining the top eye lid only. Apply 1-2 coats of mascara and a natural lip gloss.

What skin type requires moisturizers?

All Skin Types Require Moisturizers

All skin types require moisture. Oily skin still needs hydration so it doesn't start to flake. Make sure to use an alcohol free moisturizing gel for best results. For drier skin types, a lotion or cream should be used during the day and a heavier creme at night to prevent pre-mature aging. Dry skin shows signs of aging quicker than oily skin. Always use a three step skin care regime (cleanse, tone, and moist).

What's a great base to use if Im on-the-go all the time?

Moisturize while enhancing skin tone

Like to wear makeup without feeling like you have any on? On the go a lot and don't have time to put a little makeup on? No worries, try GloMinerals GloSheer Tint Base, The Body Shop's Tinted Moisturizer, and MD Tinted Moisturizers. These are great because they have an SPF and keep the complexion looking flawless without being heavy.

Will mineral cosmetics stay put?

Mineral Cosmetics are Water Resistant

Investing in mineral makeup is a smart decision not only because it stays put all day but also because it's great for your skin. It's water resistant! Mineral cosmetics will stay on your skin under wet conditions; whether your face is exposed to a little sweat or the pouring rain your makeup should remain on your skin. If you face any moisture, dab off the excess with a dry towel or handkerchief—don't rub. To remove mineral cosmetics, use any kind of cold cream, facial cleanser, or eye makeup remover.

Can I use mineral cosmetics if I have skin problems?

Mineral Cosmetics are Good for Problematic Skin

Problematic skin? No problem! Natural mineral makeup is great for all types of skin. Mineral cosmetics are non-acnegenic, and won't agitate acne-prone skin or cause it to worsen. In many cases women with acne-affected complexions actually claim that with consistent use mineral makeup caused their skin to clear.

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