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Keep Those Brushes Fresh and Clean

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How can I maintain my make-up brushes?

Keep Those Brushes Fresh and Clean

The key to application is maintaining good, clean brushes. While it's true that great brushes can help you to apply flawless and beautiful make-up, if you don't clean them they will also help you to apply dirt and oil residue. In addition, treating your brushes carelessly can lead to an accumulation of a mixture of make-ups on the tip of your brush—what a mess! Next time you use a brush don't toss it carelessly back into your make-up bag (this will result in residue and matted tips). In order to properly clean your brushes start by running them under lukewarm water after each usage. Then, put a tiny bit of mild shampoo on your finger, like baby shampoo, creating lather by rubbing your index finger and thumb together. Next, massage shampoo gently into brushes. Rinse when finished; wring out any liquid, then leave to dry on a flat, clean, dry surface.



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