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Lipstick and Lip Liners Tips

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Accenuate the Positives

While lip gloss make up can make your lips look more voluptuous, it still needs little tweaks here and there to make it last and maintain its appeal. Before applying lip gloss, apply a thin layer of lip balm. Aside from adding moisture to lips it helps to keep lip color a nice naturally healthy pink. Lip balm can help colored glosses to set and adhere to the lips allowing for a longer lasting shine.

The proper application to keep the lip gloss to looking its best throughout the day is to apply lipstick and then blot. Later, apply a layer of lip powder and a second coat of color. Lastly, apply gloss to complete the look.

An issue that often comes up is applying a lip gloss that is too shiny. Tone down over glossed lips by placing a piece of tissue paper against the lips and press loose powder through the paper it instantly reduces the shine.

Transform your lip make up from a matte day look to a glossy night look by keeping your own lips moisturized with creamy lipstick.

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