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Mascara and Eye Liner Tips

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Maybelline's Great Lash a Fan Favorite

For years this classic, easily recognizable pink and green tube has been a staple of makeup lovers everywhere. What makes Maybelline Great Lash a standout in a sea of mascaras? Great quality at a terrific price.

Makeup artists agree with consumers and choose Maybelline to grace their cosmetics bags. This renowned Maybelline product "conditions as it thickens", making it serve double duty, beautifully. The special formula allows lashes to look twice as long and twice as thick. The simple straightforward brush style applicator allows the product to glide on smoothly without clumping or globbing, leaving lashes looking naturally long and lush.

This Maybelline product is suitable for most customers, as it is hypo-allergenic and safe for contact lens wearers. In order to remove, you can simply wash it off, making it super easy to wear. There is also a waterproof formula if you are worried about it coming off too easily.

This make up product has been honored many times over as being a "best of beauty" item or "reader's choice" by a variety of industry experts and publications including Allure, Teen Vogue, Essence and Woman's Day. This Maybelline product is a winner thanks to its consistent ability to create great lashes at a great price.


maybelline makeup

Maybelline was created by T.L. Willams in 1915 to assist women in making their lashes darker. Today Maybelline is successful as the number one cosmetic franchise that is available in 129 countries Here are a few maybelline make up tips for any woman to appear her absolute best..Before you start your transformation make sure to pick a foundation as close to your natural skin color as possible. When applying your foundation make sure to begin at the bridge of the nose, then apply to the forehead and chin. Take your fingers and easily blend the base together for a flawless look. Lastly , take your powder brush and blend in on for a sophisticated appearance. When you are searching for that eye-popping look make sure to select the color that’s right for your skin tone. Use two different kinds of mascara one for the top lashes and one for the bottom.. Apply the mascara sparingly making sure to get every last lash you can get. Looking for those voluptuous lips put a small amount of foundation making sure to erase the natural line of your lips. Draw a line on the outer exterior of your lips making sure that your matching your normal lip color. Make sure when adding your lipstick make sure to not go over the ends of your lip liner. For your finish highlight your gloss dab in the middle of the upper and lower lips .With these makeup tips in hand you’ll be the center of the party in no time

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