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Mascara & Eye Liner Tips

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What is the best way to apply mascara?

The Secret To Applying Mascara

Get a hand mirror, and when you apply your mascara, hold the mirror down and look into it. This will allow you to see the root all the way to tips of your eyelahses, making it the best way to apply it to the whole entire lash. This gets the best length possible. Don't look straight into a mirror because you can't see your entire lash line, and then you just tend to put it on the ends. Maximize length=look down into a mirror, got it? This is my very best technique, because it really works

How do I get my eyeliner to go on smoothly?

Easy Tricks to Make Your Eyeliner Go On Smoothly

Applying eyeliner the right way takes a little practice. First, make sure you have a liner that isn't dried out so that it goes on as smoothly as possible. You don't want to pull or tug on your delicate eyelid skin. My favorite eyeliners are the gel-based ones that twist up so you don't have to sharpen them. It saves time because you don't have to dig around for a sharpener, plus they go on smoother than the regular wooden pencil-type eyeliners.

Remember: it's not necessary to draw a continuous line across your lid. Position the pencil as close to the lash line as possible and wiggle it back and forth, drawing little dots directly into your lashes. Then, connect the dots, or smudge it all together, with a sponge tip or Q-tip. Most twist-up liners have a sponge tip made especially for smudging on the other end of the product.

Don't make the line too bold and exact, especially for day wear. Eyeliner should define the eye and not look too obvious. If you are after a more natural look, you should stay away from using black. A soft plum, khaki, or brown is perfect, and looks like you aren't trying too hard.

Do you really need an eyelash curler?

Do You Really Need an Eyelash Curler?

The number one rule to remember with curling your eyelashes is to make sure your eyelashes are clean. You don't want to curl them after you apply mascara. If you do, you run the risk of damaging them and breakage can occur.

How do you know if you need to curl your lashes? Consider the natural texture of your hair…is it wavy or curly? If so, then your lashes probably follow suit and curl naturally when you apply your mascara. If your hair is as straight as a board, then an eyelash curler will be useful. Curling your lashes will open up the eye area and make them stand out more.

Invest in an eyelash curler that is metal and has a rubber pad. You should replace the pad every three months because eventually it will flatten out and not curl as effectively. Don't be afraid to get right down the root of your eyelash so that you get the maximum curl. Hold it for at least 20 seconds, squeezing gently. Make sure you completely release the handles before removing the curler so you don't yank out your lashes!

Will sleeping with mascara on cause fine lines to appear?

Removing mascara before going to sleep

It is not wise to go to sleep with mascara on. It can cause a bacterial infection and depending on the thickness of the mascara it can get into your eye and cause red, swollen eyes in the morning, not to mention the fact that you may wake up with raccoon eyes. A simple "in a hurry" way to remove mascara before going to sleep is to use facial cleansing wipes to remove as much mascara as possible. Still, nothing comes close to keeping lashes in condition by removing all makeup before going to sleep.

How do I curl my eyelashes?

Eyelash Curler

To curl your eyelashes, be sure to purchase one that curves with your eye. Use it before applying mascara, hold, count to 5, then apply mascara immediately. Repeat the same process with the other eye. The mascara will hold the curl.

Should I use a liner under lower lashes?


By using a line under the lower lashes gives the illusion of making the eyes appear larger. Instead of using a pencil, try using a small makeup brush with a dark eyeshadow. Apply into the lashes to make the lashes appear darker. Below this line apply a highlighter eyeshadow (in white, beige or yellow) in a fine line with a cleansed small brush. This will brighten the eye area.

What type of eyeliner is best?

How to Choose the Best Eye Liner

Which eye liner you use is a matter of the look you want and what's easiest for you. Liquid, gel and felt-tip-type pen liners create strong, well-defined lines. Powdery pencil and fat crayon liners are better when you want a softer, smudgier effect. Creamy pencils create a strong line and can also be smudged into a smokier look. Many women find pencils easier to use than liquid, especially for everyday use when there's no time to fix mistakes.

What technique can I use to apply the liquid eyeliner on top of my lashes, without making the line too thick and easy to smudge? Also, do I put the eye shadow before applying the eyeliner or after?

Applying Liquid Eyeliner

Liquid eyeliner is a little harder to control when applying it to your eyelid. Get the liner as close to your lashes as possible and make sure your applicator tip is very fine. If your eyeliner applicator is not thin then you will probably end up with a thicker line.

Next, let your eyeliner dry before applying eye shadow, mascara or other products. This will help eliminate the smudging problem. You can choose to apply your eye shadow either before or after your liner, there is not really a set order. Some say it is better to do it before that way the eyeliner helps to keep the shadow from falling into and under your eyes. Others recommend lining your eyes after your shadow so you don't disturb your eyeliner with your eye shadow application. The sequence basically comes down to personal preference.

How can I achieve a dark, dramatic eye look?

Dark, Dramatic Eyes

To achieve the look of dark, dramatic eyes, use a kohl pencil to outline top and bottom lashes and follow with a black liquid liner to the top lashes only.

What are your best eyemakeup tips?

Best Eyemakeup Tips

The best tips I could recommend would be to use one neutral eyeshadow all over and use a dark eyeshadow as eyeliner. Apply it into your lashes with a small brush. This will look softer than a pencil (less harsh for day). Apply mascara for a wide eyed look. Use concealer under the eys to cover darkness and to look less tired.

What type of eyeliners are there?

Eyeliner Application

There are pencil eyeliners, liquid eyeliner, and cake eyeliners. Pencil liners can be used above top lashes and under lower lashes. Liquid liners should only be used on the top lid. Cake eyeliners are used with water and can be used both top and bottom.

Should I wear black or brown mascara?

Black or Brown Mascara?

In my humble opinion, you should go with black mascara, always black. I don't understand brown mascara. It's just unnecessary. The point of mascara is to make your eyes stand out. Black does the trick in the best possible way. Here's a little quick trivia for you that might come up in a Trivial Pursuit game at some point. The first mascara was invented by Eugene Rimmel in the 19th century. The word “rimmel” still means mascara in French and Italian. Early mascara was made from coal dust mixed with petroleum jelly; probably not very good for your eyes. It came in a cake form that a chemist made for his sister Mabel…which eventually became the company Maybelline. Don't you just love makeup history class? The modern form of it didn't get introduced until 1957 by the great beauty pioneer Helena Rubinstein. I don't think any of the early inventors of mascara would have come up with a brown version. So in honor of them, go with black.

Can I tint my own eyelashes?

Tinting can be dangerous if you haven't been taught by a licensed professional

Do not tint or dye your eyelashes or eyebrows at home. Tinting is a job only to be attempted by a reputable professional using approved dyes at a salon/spa. You can have your brows colored to match your hair for approximately $15 and your eyelashes about $25.00. Not going to a professional who has been trained in this can lead to irritation and adverse reactions.

What type of eyeliner is best?

Types Of Eyeliner

A liquid eyeliner or a cake eyeliner that you use with a fine brush will stay on the best. If you don't feel adept at using these, pencils work well also. Pencils can be smudged for a subtle look. Always hold your head back, look down into the mirror, and apply your eyeliner. This will keep your eyelid skin tight and you can make a smooth line.

How do I apply eyeliner and which type is best?

How To Apply Eye Liner

Liquid eyeliner should only be used above the top lashes. Make sure to blend in with fingertips so you don't see it. Liner should make you eyelashes look thicker!

A dark eye-liner highlights the shape of your eyes and deepens the look. Softly line with eyeliner pencil, draw a thin line along lashes next to roots. For a dramatic look, lightly dot color along the lower lashes. For softness, line can be smudged with fingertip or Q-tip.

I bought my mascara 5 weeks ago and it is drying out. Can I add water?

Mascara drying out too quickly

Number one advice: until it's time for new mascara, keep the tube closed tightly! Choose a mascara that has a thin brush, which means that the opening to the tube will be small and less air will get in. When air enters the tube, it dries out the mascara. Avoid pumping the mascara wand too vigorously during use. This allows air to get into the tube. Add one drop of saline solution to the tube of dry mascara if necessary. It's not a great idea, but in an emergency, you will be able to get more out of the tube by using this trick.

Can I use the same pencil for eyes and lips?

Liner For Eyes And Lips

If you want to use the same liner pencil for eyes and lips I would recommend using an eyeliner pencil. Then you know this is safe for the eyes. Choose a shade that is a red-brown or a plum-brown. Then it will compliment your lipstick. There are pencils on the market that can be used for eyes, cheeks, and lips. It's great for someone who travels or if you want to carry just one pencil.

How can I make my big eyes look smaller?

Make big eyes look smaller

Use dark colors. Line your upper eyelids with a soft dark eyeliner pencil, for example black, dark brown or navy. The line should be relatively thick. Do not use liquid eyeliner because it is too heavy. You can also smudge the eyelids with dark shadow. Use eyeliner on the bottom rim to close eyes up, allow the upper and lower corners to meet as this closes the eye. Also, try not thin your eyebrows too much.

What types of mascara are available?

Mascara types

The type of mascara you buy depends on what look you are trying to achieve. Alot depends on the brush. There are full brushes and fine brushes. There are volume mascaras to give you more lashes and lengthening mascaras that will create longer lashes. There are full brushes if you have average length lashes and fine brushes for those who have sparse or short lashes. Mascara's also come in a waterproof formula. Try different brushes and see which works best for you.

How can I make my lashes longer and thicker?

Lashes Longer and Thicker

If you want to make your lashes longer and thicker, I recommend an eyelash curler and mascara base. Use the curler first, count to 5, then apply the base. Let dry and apply mascara.

How can I thicken my thin, sparse lashes?

Pump Up Those Puny Lashes

Are your eyelashes thin and sparse? Are you looking for a miracle solution? Make the most of what you have by choosing mascara that will create the illusion of thick, luscious lashes. And, if you need an extra boost, use a lash base or primer. Great mascara can make the smallest lashes appear substantial. Your best method of finding the perfect mascara for you is to read reviews and test out the merchandise—no two sets of lashes are alike so you'll need to decide what's best for you. Don't forget to use a lash curler before applying mascara...this is essential in creating beautiful eyes.

What color eyeliner is best for green eyes?

Eyeliner With Green Eyes

A smoky violet pencil looks best for someone with green eyes. On the color wheel, green and violet are opposite, and so they look well together. Also, look at nature when deciding on a color palette. Green, burnt orange and beige can be found in a field of autumn colors.

I heard that you should not wear eyeliner on the lower lid. True?

Wearing Eyeliner on the Lower Lid

Only line your lower brow if you feel your eyes look too big. Otherwise, lining under the eye only makes eyes look smaller.

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