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Applying Liquid Eyeliner

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What technique can I use to apply the liquid eyeliner on top of my lashes, without making the line too thick and easy to smudge? Also, do I put the eye shadow before applying the eyeliner or after?

Applying Liquid Eyeliner

Liquid eyeliner is a little harder to control when applying it to your eyelid. Get the liner as close to your lashes as possible and make sure your applicator tip is very fine. If your eyeliner applicator is not thin then you will probably end up with a thicker line.

Next, let your eyeliner dry before applying eye shadow, mascara or other products. This will help eliminate the smudging problem. You can choose to apply your eye shadow either before or after your liner, there is not really a set order. Some say it is better to do it before that way the eyeliner helps to keep the shadow from falling into and under your eyes. Others recommend lining your eyes after your shadow so you don't disturb your eyeliner with your eye shadow application. The sequence basically comes down to personal preference.



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