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Split Jaw Halloween Makeup Tutorial (The Walking Dead Inspired)

The makeup artists on "The Walking Dead" create some incredibly realistic zombies, and this tutorial features instructions on how to make it seem like your jaw might soon fall from your face.

Werewolf Laceration - FX Make Up Request

No one can say for certain whether you'll turn into a werewolf after applying this makeup, but the look will certainly be a hit at Halloween parties.

Fx - Pencil Stuck in Head

Using special effects ingredients like "scar wax," this tutorial shows you how to scare everyone with a pencil sticking right out of your forehead.

Missing Eye - Halloween/FX tutorial

Make it seem as though you're missing an eye with this easy tutorial. The process requires only a few ingredients and makes it look as though someone just took a rather destructive weapon to your eye socket.

Halloween Make up 5: Zombie FX (special effects) | Silvia Quiros

Preparing for the zombie apocalypse isn't nearly as fun as becoming a zombie. This amazing video uses simple items found around the home, to create an amazingly realistic zombie look.

How to Be One of a Kind

Makeup artist Michelle Phan teaches you how bring out your best you with her amazing video tutorials.

Get Ready With Me: New Years Party!!!

Videos by AndreaChoice are always super informative and she keeps her videos current to the seasons and trends. This is one of many videos about doing makeup for a certain occasion.

Makeup for Glasses

Makeup For Glasses by Bubzbeauty shows you how to get that perfect look, even if you have imperfection vision.

Running Late For School - Quick Hair fixes, Makeup, & Outfit Ideas!

Bethany Mota's videos quickly get over 1 million hits thanks to her quick and easy tips. This one shows what to do when you accidentally sleep through your alarm in the morning.

How I Remove My Facial Hair {Painless, Quick, and Easy}

Dulce Candy has a huge following for her makeup tips and do it yourself projects like stylish skirts. This video is self explanatory.

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