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Bridal Makeup Tips

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How can I get my skin in perfect condition for my wedding day?

Skin Shape-Up for the Big Day

Smooth, glowing, flawless skin is every bride's goal. If you have major skin issues to deal with such as cystic acne, rosacea or deep wrinkles, make an appointment with a dermatologist at least six months prior to the wedding. If you have other minor skin problems like blackheads, clogged pores, dullness, or dry patches, then it's best to start seeing a good facialist at least three months prior to the wedding for a once-a-month facial. A facialist can help you with a skincare regime to get your skin into top condition. But monthly facials can add up. If this isn't in your budget consider some easy treatments you can do at home.

As soon as possible, get into the habit of using an exfoliating scrub at least three times a week. This will help unclog pores and get rid of dead skin cells, revealing the fresher, newer skin underneath. All skin types can benefit from exfoliation. If you are oily, try a clay masque once a week to absorb excess oil. Dry skin needs a hydrating mask at least once a week to deep condition the skin and get rid of dry patches. By planning ahead and taking care of your skin, it will be in peak shape for the big day.

What do I need with me the day of the wedding for makeup touch-ups?

The Wedding Cosmetics Case

You will need a small cosmetics case the day of your wedding containing items that you can use to refresh your makeup. This case should contain the following:

Makeup Remover Pen - to get rid of smudges under the eyes

Concealer - with a wand to quickly dot under the eyes and pat with your fingers

Compact - with powder to matte late-day shiny skin

Oil Blotting Papers - for oily skin this is better than reapplying powder

Lip Liner, Lipstick, and Gloss - to redo your lips

Eye Drops - in case you cry buckets and your eyes get seriously red

Where is the best spot to place a little shimmer on my face?

Well-Placed Shimmer

You're already radiant as a bride, but if you want a little extra shimmer use some body powder. Just make sure you don't add too much artificial shimmer. It catches the light and will look too harsh if you overdo it. Keep the shimmer out of your foundation or blush. Slightly matte skin is better, so you don't look too shiny in pictures. Keep shimmer soft—a highlight on the brow bones, or a touch in the center of your lips is all you need. A little well-placed shimmer goes a long way.

How can I do my makeup so that it looks right in pictures?

Pictures Pictures Pictures

Stacy Pinkney, wedding photographer for Simple Moments Photography in Dallas, offers this piece of advice for brides, “The right makeup can mean the difference between a good portrait and a great portrait. The other caution I would give is that I have seen girls who go just a shade darker on their face, while wearing a strapless gown. The trouble with that is the skin on their neck and shoulders is much fairer than their face, and it looks very unnatural. Also, since you are showing more skin than everyday… blend, blend, blend. There is nothing worse than the streak along the chin line on your wedding day!”

So, take into account how the makeup you are wearing is going to photograph. Keep in mind these beauty tips for a flawless look:

Foundation: A flawless face starts with the right foundation. If you absolutely hate foundation, choose a medium to full coverage foundation, and avoid one that contains an SPF. The active ingredients in sunscreen can make your face look pasty white. Make sure you set the foundation with loose powder so your skin doesn't look shiny.

Blush: Apply more blush than you normally would so that you don't look washed out. If you want to use a light layer of bronzer you need to make sure it's matte. Using the wrong color bronzer will make you look like you have an orange sparkly cast to your skin. For fair skin, layer a pink-based blush underneath for a more natural glow. For those with a medium to olive skin tone, a plum-based color works best.

Eyeliner/Mascara: Double the amount you would normally use and try to stay away from black eyeliner, which can look too stark against your skin. Line your eyes very close to the lash line for the most natural definition. Keep your shadow semi-matte with a hint of shimmer on the brow bone to open up the eye. Simple, neutral eye makeup will showcase your eyes best in photos.

Brows: Fill them in lightly with a powder brow color that matches your hair color. The brows are the frame for the face, don't forget about them!

Lip Color: Bright lip color is going to look even brighter in pictures, so this is the one item that you might want to tone down a bit. Try to pick a shade that is two shades deeper than your own natural lip color. Skip very light or frosted colors, and just apply just a touch of gloss right in the center of the lips for lush fullness.

Before the wedding day, it is also helpful to take three pictures of yourself. One without any makeup on to see where your skin needs the most coverage; one with the makeup you wear everyday; and lastly, one with how you want your makeup to look the day of the wedding. It's good to take this photo on the day when you have your trial hair set, so you can tell exactly what you will look like for the big day. Taking the time to get your look right will save you the headache of making any beauty blunders, and you will make the most beautiful bride!

What are some wedding makeup tips?

Bridal Makeup

Your bridal makeup will be captured forever in your wedding photos. Therefore, it's very important to plan your bridal makeup look well in advance.

Here are some wedding day makeup tips that will have you looking picture perfect.

  • Hire a professional makeup artist. The expense of using a professional is well worth it. On your wedding day, you will be nervous and won't want to do your makeup yourself. Relying on a friend or family member isn't the best option. If you can afford it, hire a makeup pro.
  • Have a pre-wedding consultation a few weeks before you wedding. Most professional makeup artists include one consultation as part of their pricing. Bring a swatch from your wedding dress and pictures of how you will be wearing your hair. Doing so will give the makeup artist an idea of what he or she will be working with on your wedding day.
  • Apply a primer under your foundation to help your makeup last longer. Also use a primer on your eyelids to prevent eye shadow from creasing or melting.
  • Use waterproof mascara.
  • Keep eye makeup natural and light. You don't want to look like a raccoon in photos.
  • Fill in your lips with lip pencil before applying lipstick. This will give your lipstick a good base to help the color last.
  • Place a towel over your head when putting on your gown. This way you can avoid getting cosmetics on your wedding dress.
  • Have blotting papers or powdered rice papers on hand. These convenient papers can eliminate shine on your wedding day.
  • Put Vaseline on your front teeth. This trick will stop lipstick from getting on your teeth, which can ruin photos.

How can I look like myself on my wedding day?

Stay True To You

Don't let anyone talk you into doing something with your makeup that isn't comfortable for you. Otherwise, you will look back on photos and dread the sight of you in bright red lipstick! A sweep of rose toned blush and a touch of cream-colored shadow can look fresh and youthful. A thin line of eyeliner will just softly define the eyes without looking like too much. Don't forget a quick coat of mascara to open up your eyes, and you're ready to walk down that aisle as yourself!

Should I hire someone to do my mother's makeup on my wedding day?

Mother of the Bride Makeup

When you hire a makeup artist to do you own makeup, it's a good idea to have them do your own mother's makeup, too. Having a makeup artist do your mom's makeup will also help to solve the issue of any makeup faux paux's she might be making. Say you don't love that bright, coral lipstick your mother wears all the time. A great makeup artist will be able to subtly guide her into another, more flattering direction!

How can I cover up my tattoo?

Cover Up a Tattoo

Tattoos are more popular than ever. That doesn't mean you want that cute green gecko you got on a spring break trip to Cancun to show up in your wedding pictures! If you want to cover it up for the big day, you need to invest in some special concealer that is thick enough to hide your tattoo completely.

Dermablend is the leader in corrective and skin covering makeup. It's used to cover up all types of skin problems ranging from covering scars, varicose veins, and even stretch marks. The Leg and Body Cover Crème ($18) is especially excellent at covering up tattoos. Apply a thin layer and blend with a foundation brush. Then, set it with a loose powder. It's meant to last up to 16 hours, so you don't have to worry about your tattoos showing up like an uninvited guest halfway through you wedding!

What's the best, goof-proof makeup for brides?

Best Makeup Colors for Brides

After you pick your perfect foundation, try to find eye, lip, and cheek colors that are neutral and compliment your skin tone. Also remember not to put mascara on lower lashes or you can end up looking like a raccoon. If you need a little color in your skin try using a bronzer. This will give a natural glow without looking fake. Try a neutral lip color with a fantastic, hint of color gloss.

How can I be prepared with hair and makeup for my wedding day?

Get Down to Business with Wedding Preparations for Hair & Makeup

From bridal makeup to wedding hair, every woman wants to look her best on her big, special day. Do you need some guidance? Here are some great ideas that will help you to look like the picture of beauty on your wedding day: Adequate sleep the night before the wedding is crucial so be sure that you get your fair share—you don't want to look tired in those photos. On your big day, keep a gal pal or relative close at hand with any and all makeup and quick fixes that you might need (powder, bobby pins, safety pins, lip color, gloss, tissues, Q-tips, etc.). Wear comfortable shoes on your day until it is show time—you don't want to be limping down the aisle because of blisters. Try breaking in those heels at home before the big day. Try out EVERYTHING before the day of the wedding. Play around with hairstyles until you find the one you like. Surprises can be nice but you don't want to be surprised by horrible makeup or a “do” that won't do on your day.

How do I get my foundation to look natural the day of my wedding?

What a bride can do for flawless foundation

The best thing a bride can do for a natural, flawless look in foundation is to follow one simple rule: BLEND well!!! Use a moisturizer before applying foundation and blend together for a natural look. Make sure to blend your foundation into hairline and neck area.

How should I correctly apply foundation?

Don't Go Overboard with Foundation

On your big day makeup application is essential—you will be in the spotlight, after all and it's critical that your bridal makeup is flawless. To begin, start from the bottom and make sure that your foundation provides an even starting point for the rest of your makeup to be built upon.

If foundation ordinarily makes your skin feel thick and oily, then you're not using the right kind (the longer-lasting foundations are heavier as are the foundations that transform into powders so avoid these). In fact, you can pretty much avoid almost all foundations and stick to cream cover-ups and correction sticks for skin irritations and dark circles. Apply these and blend them by massaging them into the skin.

After applying a light foundation or some type of cover-up to the problem areas apply a thin coat of loose powder with a clean brush. A loose powder is delicate and translucent so it won't give you a “cakey” appearance. In addition, loose powder is easy to brush off any excess powder will blend easily and reduce shine. Only apply colors that don't look overdone and thick and pick shades that closely match your skin hue.

Should I hire a makeup artist for my wedding day?

Hire a Makeup Artist for the Wedding Day

Getting ready the day of the wedding is stressful. Hiring a professional to do your makeup will ease the stress. Whether you go to a salon or hire a makeup artist, make sure to have a trial run before the wedding day so that you can see exactly how your wedding day makeup is going to look, and make any adjustments.

Watch your time, too! Plan for about an hour for full makeup. It shouldn't take that long, but in case you are running behind schedule, it's always good to have the extra time.

How do I get my foundation flawless?

Flawless Foundation

The best thing a bride can do for natural looking foundation and flawless skin in her wedding pictures is follow one simple rule: BLEND well!!! Use a moisturizer before applying foundation and blend together for a natural look. Make sure to blend your foundation into hairline and neck area.

What foundation should I use on my wedding day with all those pictures?

Look great for the wedding pictures with the right foundation.

Think of your face as a canvas...with the right foundation, a masterpiece is born! For your wedding pictures, try using a foundation that has a matte finish. Then get a glowy look by adding a bronzer with shimmer. Lighting can be an obstacle when it comes to taking bridal pictures and dewy foundation can make your skin look oily.

How can I make my wedding day makeup last the entire event?

An All Day Beauty Affair

A wedding is the bride's day to feel and look her most beautiful, and most wedding days are usually an all-day affair. You need to keep your makeup looking flawless the entire day, and you might not have much time for touch-ups.

Staying power is key to wedding makeup. It needs to go the distance, and be smudge-proof. Start with a makeup primer to prep the skin and make your foundation stay on longer and be true in color. Choose a foundation that is specifically labeled for long-wear, and set it with a loose, translucent powder. Then layer using sheer colors.

Don't forget the waterproof mascara and eyeliner. Even if you aren't normally a crier and you think you won't cry the day of, you just never know. It's better to be safe than smeared!

What are some bridal makeup tips for lips and eyes?

Lip and Eye Tricks

Are you in search of bridal makeup tips for your wedding day? Look no further; here are some great ideas that will have you looking fantastic on your special day: Use heavy-pigmented cream foundation and add a layer of powder; this will help the skin to appear matte instead of shiny. Use powder foundation on ears, neck and chest as well so that the face blends with the body. Use a concealer color that is as close to possible as the foundation shade and blend both well. If you have combination skin, use a foundation that is water-based. Use a concealer to mask dark under-eye circles, remember to blend well. Use a peach or tan eyeshadow as an eye makeup base. Select a lip liner that blends easily with your natural lip color, light lipstick, and gloss to create a gentle, glossy look that that will photograph well.

What's so great about BareEessentuals make up?

Look Beautiful and Natural All Day

Remember to relax. This is your special day. Drink plenty of water and stay focused...there's much to do. Make sure your makeup is smudgeproof, your mascara is waterproof, and you've gone to the bathroom before you put on your dress! Use light natural colors to compliment your skin tone and natural, glossy lips. Keep that gloss with you for pic's!


Choosing the right makeup for the time of day

The best wedding makeup tips for a wedding is to use the right colors for the lighting and time of day. For a day time wedding, stick to lighter, more basic make up. Avoid black or dark brown eyeliner and opt for more subtle greys and light browns. Use a brow pencil in a shade as close to your hair as possible to shade your eyebrows. Use lighter toned eyeshadow to prevent them overshadowing your eyes.
Give your self a glow with a pink or rose hued blush to accentuate your cheek bones and pair it with a lipstick in a similar shade. Avoid pale lipstick since it will appear washed out in photographs.
For a nighttime wedding, choose darker, bolder colors. Use bolder eyeshadow and use black or dark brown eyeliner to accentuate your eyes. Use a darker blush as well, while still sticking to rose based colors. Be bold with your lip color, as long as it still blends well with your other make up and your skin tone. Adding a bit of shimmer with sparkly lip gloss will brighten your smile and look great in wedding photos.

I need a make-up look for a fall wedding

Wedding Makeup

Makeup for a fall wedding should have bold lips and sultry, sexy eyes. If you have dark eyes, smoky plums on the eyes as well as a deep plum stain on the lips and an added pink frosted lip gloss on top will look just great for photos on your special day.

Should I pay to have my bridal party's makeup done by a makeup artist?

Your Bridal Party's Makeup

Those with unlimited budgets should feel free to hire a team of makeup artists to do your bridal party's makeup, too. It looks amazing in pictures when everyone's makeup is professionally done. If you can't swing this grand jesture, consider placing restrictions on makeup. For example, no blue eyeshadow, or no red lipstick. That way, when your bridal party starts getting ready they are aware of what can, and can't, be put on their face. Just be sure to let your party know beforehand what you are going to take care of the day of the wedding.

What is best type of foundation for brides?

Makeup for Bridal Pic's

Think of your face as a canvas...with the right foundation, it's easy sailing! Lighting is always an obstacle when it comes to taking bridal pictures and using bridal makeup. Try using a foundation that has a matte finish. Dewy foundation makes your skin look oily in wedding pictures.

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