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How can I do my makeup so that it looks right in pictures?

Pictures Pictures Pictures

Stacy Pinkney, wedding photographer for Simple Moments Photography in Dallas, offers this piece of advice for brides, “The right makeup can mean the difference between a good portrait and a great portrait. The other caution I would give is that I have seen girls who go just a shade darker on their face, while wearing a strapless gown. The trouble with that is the skin on their neck and shoulders is much fairer than their face, and it looks very unnatural. Also, since you are showing more skin than everyday… blend, blend, blend. There is nothing worse than the streak along the chin line on your wedding day!”

So, take into account how the makeup you are wearing is going to photograph. Keep in mind these beauty tips for a flawless look:

Foundation: A flawless face starts with the right foundation. If you absolutely hate foundation, choose a medium to full coverage foundation, and avoid one that contains an SPF. The active ingredients in sunscreen can make your face look pasty white. Make sure you set the foundation with loose powder so your skin doesn't look shiny.

Blush: Apply more blush than you normally would so that you don't look washed out. If you want to use a light layer of bronzer you need to make sure it's matte. Using the wrong color bronzer will make you look like you have an orange sparkly cast to your skin. For fair skin, layer a pink-based blush underneath for a more natural glow. For those with a medium to olive skin tone, a plum-based color works best.

Eyeliner/Mascara: Double the amount you would normally use and try to stay away from black eyeliner, which can look too stark against your skin. Line your eyes very close to the lash line for the most natural definition. Keep your shadow semi-matte with a hint of shimmer on the brow bone to open up the eye. Simple, neutral eye makeup will showcase your eyes best in photos.

Brows: Fill them in lightly with a powder brow color that matches your hair color. The brows are the frame for the face, don't forget about them!

Lip Color: Bright lip color is going to look even brighter in pictures, so this is the one item that you might want to tone down a bit. Try to pick a shade that is two shades deeper than your own natural lip color. Skip very light or frosted colors, and just apply just a touch of gloss right in the center of the lips for lush fullness.

Before the wedding day, it is also helpful to take three pictures of yourself. One without any makeup on to see where your skin needs the most coverage; one with the makeup you wear everyday; and lastly, one with how you want your makeup to look the day of the wedding. It's good to take this photo on the day when you have your trial hair set, so you can tell exactly what you will look like for the big day. Taking the time to get your look right will save you the headache of making any beauty blunders, and you will make the most beautiful bride!



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