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Grooming Products for Men Tips

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Can men wear a little makeup?

Makeup For Men

Men and makeup is an odd combination. But when you think about it…why can't men wear a little makeup? Most men's skin could use a little evening out every now and then. If women are expected to hide their flaws with makeup, men should feel like they can do something to look their best, too. The purpose of makeup is to enhance your natural beauty. Hiding imperfections is a part of that process. Yet, where should a man draw the line? There are a few companies that feature makeup for men:

John Paul Gaultier - Featured at, this line is under the heading of Complexion Enhancers for Men, and not under makeup. It has six items, consisting of two types of bronzers, lip balm (tinted and clear), lash and brow tint, and an Eyeliner/Concealer double ended stick, which is actually a very useful dual purpose product for anyone's makeup bag. The packaging is slick and mostly black. It seems like most makeup for men is focused on heavily bronzed skin and soft lips.

Clinique - This popular mainstream line does carry men's skincare, which essentially is the same formula as some of the women's, but in much manlier gun-metal grey packaging. Something women have been stealing for a long time for themselves is their incredible non-streak bronzer. This oil-free gel gives a natural, transparent glow to the skin. Plus, it's cheaper and less shimmery than the women's bronzers!

Studio 5ive - This company was founded in 2000 by Ben Coler, a makeup and skin care specialist who believes that men can benefit from the use of “corrective makeup that is undetectable.” How very 007! You know celebrity men on the red carpet wear it! You can find this full line of makeup and skincare at

How can I avoid getting razor bumps?

Men's Shaving Guide

To avoid razor bumps, razor burn and to achieve a close shave, follow these simple men's shaving tips.

Use a facial scrub prior to shaving.
The product will lift hairs that are beginning to grow into your skin, priming them for shaving.

Shave in the shower.
The hot water will expand your skin to open your pores and make shaving easier. If you can't shave in the shower, shave immediately after getting out or apply a hot towel to your beard before shaving.

Always use lubricant.
The worst thing you can do to your skin is shave without a lubricant. Dry shaving will lead to irritation, inflammation and a poor shave.

Shave in the direction of your beard.
You can reduce your chances of getting razor bumps and ingrown hairs by shaving in long, downward stokes in the direction of your beard.

Use an after shave lotion.
Buy a product that is designed to sooth the skin after shaving. Avoid products that have irritating ingredients such as menthol and alcohol.

At, you can find an array of men's shaving products from top brands such as The Art of Shaving, B Kamins, Billy Jealousy and Anthony Logistics.

How can I prevent and alleviate face irritation caused by shaving?

Say Goodbye to Shaving Irritations

Shaving can be a pain—literally. Many men have a problem with skin inflammation on the neck and face after shaving (folliculitis). Some irritations are so bad that men are forced to shave only once every six days; this is the only way to keep the occurrence of irritation at a minimum. This doesn't, however, generally leave enough time for the face to heal completely. Folliculitus is a common problem but there are things that you can do to help the situation.Trim your face with an electric razor before using a regular razor. Try to exfoliate with a mild pre-shave exfoliator. Then, use a rich, lubricating shave cream that utilizes silicone technology,to prevent irritation. Once you have finished shaving put a warm, moist towel on the face immediately followed by a cold one—this can help pores to close. Alleviate burning by applying ice cold aloe gel (refrigerate before using).

How can I achieve a clean, smooth shave?

Get Rid of Post-Shave Stubble

Ahh, the look and feel of a clean, fresh shave…but wait, what's that? Stubble?! If you always look like you still have a five o'clock shadow right after you shave you're not alone. Never being able to achieve a smooth shave is annoying yet not uncommon. Here are some great tips to help you attain that baby-smooth feel: Shave right after you shower so that the skin and hair are soft and pores will be open for easier shave. Shave with the grain. Change your razor blade after every other shave. After shaving close your pores by applying an alcohol free toner. Invest in some good skin care products for men, including a great shave gel and a soothing moisturizer.

What should a man do to control oily skin?

Get Rid of Oily Skin

Oily skin is a common problem. Many men complain that each time they expose their skin to moisture (shower, pool, hot tub, etc.) they have to towel off for a long period of time to remove all of the wetness from the face. The forehead and nose regions are problem areas that are prone to oil and have a tendency to become extremely shiny unless dried completely. Hours later, however, these areas will become oily again. To better this situation, it's important not to rub the face incessantly—this creates more oil. Stimulating the skin too much can rouse the oil glands and worsen the problem. The key is to invest in skin care for men that is created specifically for oily skin; a three step skin care regime should be followed rituously! Use a moisturizing gel to hydrate skin with water instead of oil.

What shaving products do I need for a close shave?

Men's Shaving Products

Choose a lotion designed to soften your beard and prepare the skin for shaving. Avoid products that are excessively oily. All natural, hypoallergenic products are ideal because they will not irritate skin.

Wash your face with warm water and apply a shaving cream or foam to your entire beard. The product will lift the hairs to make shaving much easier. Shave in long strokes and apply more lubricant as needed.

Contrary to what some believe, after shave products shouldn't sting. Stinging means that your skin is irritated and may become inflamed. Find after shave balms and lotions that have soothing ingredients.

At, you can purchase shaving kits which including pre-shave, after shave and shaving products and supplies in one convenient package. Look for kits and products from brands such as The Art of Shaving, B Kamins, Billy Jealousy and Anthony Logistics.

How can I make facial pores look smaller?

Shrink Those Pores

Pore size is unfortunately hereditary. While you can't get rid of the pores altogether, you can make them appear smaller. Keeping pores clear of dirt and oil will make them look less significant. Keep using a three step skin care regime and use an exfoliator weekly before shaving. Using a great clay mask once a month will also help to remove unwanted blockage and detoxify.

How can I find the perfect men's skin care for me?

Pick Products That Work for You

All skin is different. If you want to find great skin care start by reading reviews and making a list of products that come highly recommended. Then, try them out. Trial and error is the key to finding products that are best for you. Testing various brands and monitoring results will help you match your skin with suitable products. If you notice undesirable results such as excessive oil, over-drying, or breakouts, discontinue use and try something else. Some product lines will even offer money back guarantees so be on the lookout. Give products two weeks to work and see improvement.

How can I remedy puffy, blemish-prone skin?

Whip Your Face Into Shape

If you get frequent breakouts and have oily skin and, if you're a male, you can't exactly cover up blemishes with makeup. Don't give up, there are solutions. The first step to clearer, healthier skin is skin maintenance. Try all natural men skin care products to avoid harsh additives that can irritate skin. In addition, pay attention to your diet; put down the soft drinks, fried foods, and candy and go for lean meats, fruits, and vegetables. Water is also a valuable ingredient in the recipe for great skin so drink plenty of it. Finally, put your face on a schedule; come up with a skin regime (cleanse, tone, moist) and do it twice daily!

What are some gift ideas that are sure to please?

Back to Basics with Gift Giving

Whether you're looking for a gift for him or her, you can't go wrong if you start by thinking along the lines of necessity. Confused? Every person you know, male or female, is certain to take part in certain daily routines involving basic hygiene, nutrition, and relaxation. In other words, every person on this planet bathes, eats, and sleeps ritually. As a result, these three things are great platforms on which to start building great gifts—take these basics things, make them more indulgent, and you've got a fabulous present. Here are some great gift packages that you can easily put together that anyone on your list will love: A massaging shower head, lavish shower gels, a loofa, and a fabulous robe, A makeover including a body scrub, steam and sauna, A gift certificate for a facial or massage, a soothing nighttime eye gel, and a box of assorted gourmet calming teas.

How can I make puffy, tired eyes look refreshed?

Don't Give Your Eyes Extra Baggage

You've discovered great skin care products for men and you're happy with your skin. Fighting blemishes and ridding yourself of excess oil is a daily necessity. What about those baggy, tired-looking eyes? Here are some great ways to make those baby blues look as radiant as the rest of your face: Apply a vitamin C eye cream around the eyes. Get a lymphatic massage to remove fluid. Don't skimp on sleep; allow for an adequate amount of sleep each night. When the body achieves REM sleep, the eyes flicker, stimulating the lymph glands, which help rid the body of toxins, therefore giving you better looking skin!

What is a good all-in-one face and body shampoo?

All-In-One Shower Shampoo That Actually Works, Imagine That!

As convenient as those all-in-one generic cleansers are that you can pick up in any grocery or drugstore, they're pretty ordinary. From the way they smell to the way they leave your hair limp and your skin feeling dry, are they really worth the convenience?

Well, if you're anywhere as busy as I am, the convenience of an all-in one sure is nice. This doesn't mean, however, that you should settle for a mediocre one. If you're bored with run-of-the-mill all-in-ones and tired of smelling like harsh soaps, look into Babor All Over Shampoo for men.

Not only is this stuff convenient to use but also it is actually pleasing to all of the senses. In addition, it leaves your hair soft, your body moisturized, and your overall person smelling fantastic. You can also rest assure that this Babor product is gentle and safe for every part of your body—from your bum to your face.

Why do I get ingrown hairs after shaving?

Ingrown Schmingrown

Some men are more prone to ingrown hairs caused by shaving than others. Men with thick, coarse, or curly hair are at a higher risk for skin irritation caused by ingrown hair. Instead of growing straight up and out of the skin, these types of hairs have a tendency to grow back down the hair follicle—this is likely to cause some irritation and, often times, ingrown hairs. Men in the risk group of ingrown hairs should use a sharp, new razor for each shave. In addition, they should look for men's skin care products that are oil free. When the shave is over, the skin maintenance should not be. Post-shave rituals should involve the application of a great after shave creme for sensitive skin or an after shave balm for more oily skin tones.

How can I put together a romantic gift for a man?

Men Like romantic Gifts Too!

Looking for a great gift for him? Believe it or not, we ladies aren't the only ones that enjoy romantic surprises once in a while. Show the special guy in your life how much you adore him by putting together an extra-special gift basket that is brimming with tokens of your affection. Try picking out his favorite scent, or find him a new one. Get the set so he can layer his fragrance (shower gel, after shave, and cologne).

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