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Men's Shaving Guide

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How can I avoid getting razor bumps?

Men's Shaving Guide

To avoid razor bumps, razor burn and to achieve a close shave, follow these simple men's shaving tips.

Use a facial scrub prior to shaving.
The product will lift hairs that are beginning to grow into your skin, priming them for shaving.

Shave in the shower.
The hot water will expand your skin to open your pores and make shaving easier. If you can't shave in the shower, shave immediately after getting out or apply a hot towel to your beard before shaving.

Always use lubricant.
The worst thing you can do to your skin is shave without a lubricant. Dry shaving will lead to irritation, inflammation and a poor shave.

Shave in the direction of your beard.
You can reduce your chances of getting razor bumps and ingrown hairs by shaving in long, downward stokes in the direction of your beard.

Use an after shave lotion.
Buy a product that is designed to sooth the skin after shaving. Avoid products that have irritating ingredients such as menthol and alcohol.

At, you can find an array of men's shaving products from top brands such as The Art of Shaving, B Kamins, Billy Jealousy and Anthony Logistics.



8/7/2011 8:56:33 AM
Avi Tejer said:

Great little guide for proper shaving, thank you. Another tip that I found extremely helpful, was :
If you have a long lengthy beard, first trim your beard using scissors, this will save you a lot of pain and irritation.



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