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Feel Beautiful Tips

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How do I make my nose look shorter and more narrow with makeup in photos?

Look your best in photographs

If you want to wear your glass in the photo make sure the photographer angles the lens so you won't get a glare.

The trick to making your nose look smaller is shading. Apply your foundation and your powder as usual. If you are getting your picture taken then you will want to use a "photo friendly" formula of foundation. Try Enlighten or Equalizer by Estee Lauder. These foundations are great for photographs they reflect the light so you won't look "washed out" or pale. Brush a slightly darker shade of powder or use a bronzer over the bridge of your nose. Brush it over the areas that you think are too big. Darker colors make things look smaller. You want to make sure it is not too dark because you still want your make up to look natural.

When straightening your hair you want to condition it well before starting the straightening process. Use a wide bristled brush and put your blow drier on medium and gently brush your hair as you dry it. If you find that you hair is starting to frizz then finish drying it and apply an anti-frizzing agent or hair balm. To make your hair perfectly straight use a flat iron or run a curling iron down your hair and straighten the hair in sections. Use a finishing spray to keep the hair in place and it should be ready for a perfect photo experience.

How can I make my nose appear shorter?

Make Nose Appear Shorter

There is a makeup trick to make the nose appear shorter. Apply a bronzing powder to the tip of the nose. It will give the illusion of the nose being smaller.

How can I look like a model?

Look Like A Model

If you want to look like a model, remember, looks isn't everything. Self confidence (attitude) is part of the formula as well as having a fresh look. Eat properly, exercise, care for your skin, and wear a minimal amount of makeup. Keep your hair clean and maintained in an easy style. Dress conservatively but wear current fashions if possible. You'll project the look that models have.

How can I minimize a large nose?

Help For A Large Nose

To minimize a large nose, use shadowing on either side of the nose. This could be a bronzing powder that you use on the cheeks,chin,along the forehead to give you a warm sunkissed look.

What can I do for facial hair?

Facial Hair

Facial hair can seem like a nuisance. Bleaching is one option, to lighten and soften the hair so it won't look as obvious. If you want to remove the hair, you can have it waxed or invest in electrolysis for a permanent removal. Using a light textured foundation will also make the hair look less noticeable. Try a system that works for you.

What's a great indulgent gift?

Spoil That Special Lady

Whether it's for a birthday, a holiday, or “just because,” the perfect gift for her can be hard to locate. While the truth of the matter is that you can't always find the ideal gift for everyone, you can make pretty good guesses. When it comes to females, you'll be hard-pressed to find a lady that doesn't like to feel beautiful and pampered—keep this in mind when shopping. You can't go wrong with a gift that will help a woman feel like she's being spoiled. Still stuck on ideas? Here are some great ones:

  • Gift certificate to a salon
  • Lavish spa set
  • Manicure or pedicure kit
  • Indulgent body butters
  • Gorgeous mineral makeup kit
  • A plush robe and slipper set

What kinds of gifts should I buy for a teenage girl?

Please Those Teenagers with Ease

Teenagers can be difficult to buy presents for—especially teenage girls. There's no telling what's in these days so, unless you're given a specific list, it can be darn near impossible to pick out something “cool.” And, don't even think about picking out clothes, trends change on a dime these days and it's more probable that your selection will be found under the bed than on that girl's back. Looking for some safe gift selections? Here are some good ideas: You can never go wrong with gift certificates. Take note of her favorite stores and buy her a gift card. If you're unsure about which stores she likes, buy her a mall gift certificate that she can use in all of the stores. Movie and restaurant gift certificates are also good picks. Bath and body products are always winners. Pick out some great-smelling washes or scrubs, or maybe even some facial products. What about a makeover? Have a professional makeup artist at any cosmetic counter show that girl how to get just the right look! She'll also learn how to apply makeup and how important skin care is.

What do I get for the woman that has everything?

Let her Sample Luxury

Are you confused about what to get that fantastic female that has everything? How about giving her some variety? A great gift for her would be a Spa Sampler. This Spa Sampler (one you can find already in a gift basket) can contain a taste of luxury in the form of therapeutic and relaxing applications, sweet-smelling products to spoil the skin, and amazing hair care products that smell good enough to ingest. Or how about a gift certificate to a spa to treat herself?

What is a great pampering gift to give?

A Rose by any Other Name is Jaqua

Nothing can make a gal feel more beautiful and feminine than receiving a dozen gorgeous roses—the international symbol of love. Nothing, that is, except bathing yourself in them. The scent that a rose gives off is unmistakable—elegant, delicate, and coveted.

A mere whiff of such a thing can fill every woman nearby with envy. Give a special lady close to your heart the “Fleur Magique Bath Kit” and allow her to infuse and lather herself with beauty. One of the most indulgent of the Jaqua spa products, this kit comes complete with the following:

  • 8 oz. bottle Rose Bergamot Bath and Shower Nectar
  • 4 oz. jar Rose in Bloom Body Beauty Butter
  • 50 ml bottle Rose Bouquet Hydrating Facial Mist

And, it all comes neatly tucked away in a hexagon-shaped box whimsically designed to resemble one you might receive at a local floral shop.

Do men appreciate pampering gifts?

Men Like to Feel Spoiled Too!

Who says that men don't like to be pampered? Guess what, when you're looking for the perfect gift for a special man in your life you don't have to venture into the sporting goods section. That's right—believe it or not but men can enjoy other things besides a round of golf or NFL Sunday. Just like any lady, a man will need to take steps to upkeep his personal hygiene. The difference is, however, that a man is less likely to spend the time or the money buying indulgent beauty products that a woman would. And, for this very reason, male beauty products make phenomenal gifts. Here are some fantastic gift ideas for a special man: A higher-end shaving kit with a great lotion and aftershave, Indulgent body scrubs and washes, A magnificent facial cleanser, toner, and moisturizer, A complete travel kit, A massage,A gift certificate to a great salon. Remember, just because he wouldn't be caught dead buying it for himself doesn't mean that he won't absolutely adore that pampering! If you live with him and he doesn't want pampering gifts, put what you want him to smell like in the shower and guarantee he'll use it, instead of using yours!

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