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Makeup For Teens/Tweens Tips

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When should I let my daughter start wearing makeup?

When to Start Wearing Makeup

A common dilemma for many parents is deciding at what age to let their kids wear makeup. There is no specific age that is appropriate for everyone, but in general, if your child is anxious to wear makeup, it's best to indulge them, at least a little bit.

Most girls go through an awkward phase around age 11, and using a little bit of makeup can help boost their self-esteem (by way of self-appearance). It's best to start your child out with a makeup kit that contains a few coordinating shadows, blush, concealer, and lip gloss. Sonia Kashuk for Target makes very affordable kits. Her Face Palette Compact is under $20, and comes in four different shades that will work on any skin tone.

How can I cover up acne?

Covering Acne

Acne can take a serious toll on your teen's self esteem. Going to see a dermatologist is the first step to curing severe acne. But, if your teen just has a few blemishes, or just gets a spot occasionally, then proper makeup application can do the trick.

Find a concealer that is oil-free. There are specific concealers meant to cover acne and that contain an acne fighting ingredient such as salicylic acid or benzyl peroxide. Dab on the concealer gently with a concealer brush, let it set for a minute, and then blend out the edges so you don't see where the concealer meets the skin. Don't brush too much directly over the spot - you don't want to brush all the concealer away! After the concealer is blended, set it with some loose powder.

For more apparent blemishes, find an oil-free medium coverage foundation. This will help camouflage large problem areas, and tone down redness caused by the inflammation of the acne. Use a clean foundation brush to apply the foundation every time, and set with oil-free loose powder. Don't use your fingers or sponges to spread foundation as they harbor bacteria and can make acne worse.

How can I throw a beauty themed party for my teen's birthday?

Teen Beauty Party

If your daughter is really into makeup and beauty products, she will adore a teen beauty party for her birthday or other special occasion. Keep the guest list to about 6-8 girls total so that everyone will have ample time to get her makeup and nails done. A few weeks before the party, head over to your local beauty school, and ask if you can hire two of their cosmetology students. One will do makeup and the other can do a quick manicure on each girl.

Incorporate a few make-your-own lip balm kits. A perfect one to try from is their Shimmering Color Lip Balm Kit ($21.95). The kit contains enough ingredients to make 20 lip balms. The lip balm is a beeswax-base which is naturally hydrating. It's an easy and inexpensive take-home favor, too!

What should I let my daughter wear for her first makeup?

Beginning Makeup

Here are some starter essentials for those just starting out with makeup:

1. Nude eyeshadow - This is flattering and subtle on most everyone. Make sure to get an eyeshadow brush with a handle to teach her how to apply eyeshadow.

2. Blush - Something soft and pink that matches her natural color.

3. Lip gloss - Choose a shade only slightly deeper than her natural lip color. A sheer, rosy gloss will look pretty, but not overdone.

Most kids want to appear older, but that's not the point of makeup. By avoiding heavier makeup like mascara, liner and foundation, she will still look her age by starting off with the subtle basics. Then, when she gets a little older and starts high school, take her to a professional makeup artist to get a real lesson in applying makeup.

Can I share my makeup with my friends?

Do Not Share Makeup With Your Friends

Teenagers love to experiment with makeup, and sometimes that means sharing makeup. Most of the time, this is not a problem. There are some items that are fine to share, while others can bring up some issues.

The safest cosmetics to share with others are powder eye shadows, blush or bronzer, stick foundation, and face powder. Keep your own stash of mascara, eyeliner, lipstick or gloss - these products tend to transmit more germs because they are liquid-based. Mascara and eyeliner can also pass on eye infections such as conjunctivitis. Sharing lip products can easily transmit cold sores or other germs that cause illnesses like the flu and the common cold.

And what about those testers of makeup at cosmetics counters? Unfortunately, those aren't germ free, either. Counters take precautions against person-to-person contamination, but it's not a perfect system. So warn your teenager against using lip and eye testers at cosmetic counters while out shopping with friends.

What's the best way to teach a teen to pluck her eyebrows correctly?

Watch the Eyebrows

Before your teen attempts to tweeze for the first time, make sure she knows the proper plucking methods. You don't want overplucked eyebrows that are too thin or spotty in certain areas. Here is the proper tweezing guidelines:

  1. Hold an eye liner pencil along the sides of the nose running vertical up and down the face. Use this line as a guideline to show where your eyebrows start and extend outward. Your eyebrows should extend a bit past the inner corners of your eyes.
  2. It's best to pluck just underneath the eyebrow (not above it) to maintain its natural shape. Investing in quality tweezers will help grab the brow hair easier. Tweezerman's Slant Tweezer in assorted colors is the easiest to use and the company offers complimentary sharpening. Pink or purple tweezers will at least brighten up a fairly boring beauty chore like plucking!

What is a fun lip balm that is appropriate for my tween?

Luscious Lips for Teens/Tweens

Fun and tasty lip balm or gloss is all the rage among teens. Lucky for them, Lip Smackers, made by Bonne Bell, is a company that is catering to their age group. Since 1927, Bonne Bell has had a long-standing history of making appropriate products for the youth market. Lip Smackers was introduced in 1973, and was the first of its kind to add flavoring into lip balm. Strawberry was the first mouthwatering flavor, but now there are endless varieties to try, such as lemonade, marshmallow or cookie dough! Some balms are tinted and some are clear, but all bring about fun memories of being young.

Why should I avoid the tanning bed?

Avoid the Tanning Bed

The American Academy of Dermatology says that there is, “no such thing as a safe tan.” This includes the evil rays of the tanning beds. Cosmetics and skincare companies make great sunless tanners and bronzer, which serve as a much safer way to get a great faux tan.
Did you know that 80% of aging in the skin is due to environmental factors? You can prevent a lot of damage by simply using sunscreen. So where does the other 20% of aging come from? Genetics, and you can't do much about that. Most skin damage occurs during the childhood and teen years. Instead of tanning beds, get your teen some sunless tanning products or bronzers. The color selection and choices available will suit any skin tone. For an extra-realistic bronze glow, make sure you apply your bronzer where the sun would naturally hit your face (in the t-zone) and along the cheekbones.

How can I get my makeup done for Prom?

Prom Makeup

Prom is a momentous event to some teenagers. It's their night to glam it up and be their most beautiful. Getting ready can sometimes be an ugly process though… they agonize over the dress, accessories, how to wear their hair, and who is going to do their makeup.

Let a professional take care of them. If you go to a salon, there will probably be a fee to have her makeup done. Some salons might offer a bundled package complete with hair and nails. Choosing an artist at the makeup counter of a department store is a good idea, but only if you make an appointment. There are going to be many girls that day who have appointments set up and most counters can only do a certain number of girls. And remember, it's good form to purchase something from the makeup counter you choose to visit for makeup application. Some counters have a three product purchase minimum, but they should let you know that upfront when you make the appointment.

How can I steer my teen away from black eyeliner?

Not All Eyeliner is Black

What it is about teenagers and black eyeliner? They love it and wear it in amounts that are not necessarily attractive or appropriate for day. If you find that your teen only wears black eyeliner, offer to take her out for a little makeup shopping spree. Tell her she can get two eyeliner colors as long as they aren't black, charcoal or navy—all of which tend to look too harsh on a young teen's skin, and are way off the mark for a day at school.

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