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Avoid the Tanning Bed

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Why should I avoid the tanning bed?

Avoid the Tanning Bed

The American Academy of Dermatology says that there is, “no such thing as a safe tan.” This includes the evil rays of the tanning beds. Cosmetics and skincare companies make great sunless tanners and bronzer, which serve as a much safer way to get a great faux tan.
Did you know that 80% of aging in the skin is due to environmental factors? You can prevent a lot of damage by simply using sunscreen. So where does the other 20% of aging come from? Genetics, and you can't do much about that. Most skin damage occurs during the childhood and teen years. Instead of tanning beds, get your teen some sunless tanning products or bronzers. The color selection and choices available will suit any skin tone. For an extra-realistic bronze glow, make sure you apply your bronzer where the sun would naturally hit your face (in the t-zone) and along the cheekbones.



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