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Do Not Share Makeup With Your Friends

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Can I share my makeup with my friends?

Do Not Share Makeup With Your Friends

Teenagers love to experiment with makeup, and sometimes that means sharing makeup. Most of the time, this is not a problem. There are some items that are fine to share, while others can bring up some issues.

The safest cosmetics to share with others are powder eye shadows, blush or bronzer, stick foundation, and face powder. Keep your own stash of mascara, eyeliner, lipstick or gloss - these products tend to transmit more germs because they are liquid-based. Mascara and eyeliner can also pass on eye infections such as conjunctivitis. Sharing lip products can easily transmit cold sores or other germs that cause illnesses like the flu and the common cold.

And what about those testers of makeup at cosmetics counters? Unfortunately, those aren't germ free, either. Counters take precautions against person-to-person contamination, but it's not a perfect system. So warn your teenager against using lip and eye testers at cosmetic counters while out shopping with friends.



2/22/2008 11:10:08 AM
belle said:

thanx sooo much OMG thats alife saver!!!

12/11/2008 8:32:15 AM
mimi said:

brill tip never share make up agen

8/20/2009 4:02:07 PM
mckayla said:

wow im 12 and my best friend and im a total girly girl and i was gonna dress like her monday and she was gonna dress like me monday and i was gonna let her use all my make up

2/4/2011 9:07:11 PM
dezzy said:

ive shared make up allot and im perfectly fine i honestly think what happens happens and intill it does im gonna keep doin what i do !!!!!!!!!!!! dueces!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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