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Luscious Lips for Teens/Tweens

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What is a fun lip balm that is appropriate for my tween?

Luscious Lips for Teens/Tweens

Fun and tasty lip balm or gloss is all the rage among teens. Lucky for them, Lip Smackers, made by Bonne Bell, is a company that is catering to their age group. Since 1927, Bonne Bell has had a long-standing history of making appropriate products for the youth market. Lip Smackers was introduced in 1973, and was the first of its kind to add flavoring into lip balm. Strawberry was the first mouthwatering flavor, but now there are endless varieties to try, such as lemonade, marshmallow or cookie dough! Some balms are tinted and some are clear, but all bring about fun memories of being young.



4/19/2009 4:30:09 PM
maria said:

I read on TMZ that Miley Cyrus uses Coonobabe makeup. Does anyone know what lipsticks/glosses Miley buys from them?
Thanks...Maria ;)


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