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Makeup Events Tips

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What are the Best Makeup Conventions?

If you're looking for the best makeup shows in the industry, look no further than this list.

IMATS Makeup Show. This international trade show takes place in 6 cities across 4 countries over the course of a year. Kicking off in Pasadena, CA in January, it then goes to New York City in April, followed by London, Vancouver, Toronto and Sydney. Thousands of professionals and amateurs alike convene to immerse themselves in all things makeup for the duration of the 2-day convention. Professionals in the fashion or film industry can get the latest information about new products and state-of-the-art technology. Seminars and demonstrations are provided by the top experts in the industry.

The Makeup Show NYC. In May 2014, the Makeup Show NYC will embark on it's 8th year of bringing the professional beauty and fashion industries together. This two-day event highlights the very best in the industry. You can refine your skills and hands-on experience through seminars and workshops. You can also explore business opportunities and get strategies that can deliver success. Can't get to NYC this May? No problem. This event also takes place in Chicago, Los Angeles, Dallas and Europe over the course of the year. See their website for details. This is a must-attend event if you are working or studying in the beauty and fashion industry.

PHAMExpo. PHAMExpo stands for Professional Hair and Makeup Expo. Held in Pasadena, CA in June it attracts industry insiders, makeup artists, vendors, students and those just interested in learning a bit more about the stuff they put on their face everyday. The latest products, leading brands, and exclusive new treatments are showcased. There is an opportunity for participants to explore the latest techniques and products across various categories in the world of beauty. By attending this event, your career can be propelled to the next level.

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