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Ingrown Schmingrown

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Why do I get ingrown hairs after shaving?

Ingrown Schmingrown

Some men are more prone to ingrown hairs caused by shaving than others. Men with thick, coarse, or curly hair are at a higher risk for skin irritation caused by ingrown hair. Instead of growing straight up and out of the skin, these types of hairs have a tendency to grow back down the hair follicle—this is likely to cause some irritation and, often times, ingrown hairs. Men in the risk group of ingrown hairs should use a sharp, new razor for each shave. In addition, they should look for men's skin care products that are oil free. When the shave is over, the skin maintenance should not be. Post-shave rituals should involve the application of a great after shave creme for sensitive skin or an after shave balm for more oily skin tones.



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