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Men's Shaving Products

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What shaving products do I need for a close shave?

Men's Shaving Products

Choose a lotion designed to soften your beard and prepare the skin for shaving. Avoid products that are excessively oily. All natural, hypoallergenic products are ideal because they will not irritate skin.

Wash your face with warm water and apply a shaving cream or foam to your entire beard. The product will lift the hairs to make shaving much easier. Shave in long strokes and apply more lubricant as needed.

Contrary to what some believe, after shave products shouldn't sting. Stinging means that your skin is irritated and may become inflamed. Find after shave balms and lotions that have soothing ingredients.

At, you can purchase shaving kits which including pre-shave, after shave and shaving products and supplies in one convenient package. Look for kits and products from brands such as The Art of Shaving, B Kamins, Billy Jealousy and Anthony Logistics.



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