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Makeup For Men

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Can men wear a little makeup?

Makeup For Men

Men and makeup is an odd combination. But when you think about it…why can't men wear a little makeup? Most men's skin could use a little evening out every now and then. If women are expected to hide their flaws with makeup, men should feel like they can do something to look their best, too. The purpose of makeup is to enhance your natural beauty. Hiding imperfections is a part of that process. Yet, where should a man draw the line? There are a few companies that feature makeup for men:

John Paul Gaultier - Featured at, this line is under the heading of Complexion Enhancers for Men, and not under makeup. It has six items, consisting of two types of bronzers, lip balm (tinted and clear), lash and brow tint, and an Eyeliner/Concealer double ended stick, which is actually a very useful dual purpose product for anyone's makeup bag. The packaging is slick and mostly black. It seems like most makeup for men is focused on heavily bronzed skin and soft lips.

Clinique - This popular mainstream line does carry men's skincare, which essentially is the same formula as some of the women's, but in much manlier gun-metal grey packaging. Something women have been stealing for a long time for themselves is their incredible non-streak bronzer. This oil-free gel gives a natural, transparent glow to the skin. Plus, it's cheaper and less shimmery than the women's bronzers!

Studio 5ive - This company was founded in 2000 by Ben Coler, a makeup and skin care specialist who believes that men can benefit from the use of “corrective makeup that is undetectable.” How very 007! You know celebrity men on the red carpet wear it! You can find this full line of makeup and skincare at



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