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Should I use a liner under lower lashes?


By using a line under the lower lashes gives the illusion of making the eyes appear larger. Instead of using a pencil, try using a small makeup brush with a dark eyeshadow. Apply into the lashes to make the lashes appear darker. Below this line apply a highlighter eyeshadow (in white, beige or yellow) in a fine line with a cleansed small brush. This will brighten the eye area.



12/14/2006 12:30:07 PM
Rose said:

I am confused - down a few tips it says liner on lower eye makes eyes look SMALLER, this says it will make them look bigger - ?????

2/23/2007 4:37:41 PM
alex said:

don't line the eyeliner on the inside, but UNDERNEATH the lower lashes. Also, don't line all the way across. Only to from the out side and to about half-way in.

4/22/2009 10:46:28 AM
Mary said:

I'm also confused. Is the highlighter eyeshadow applied to the top lashes along the same line where the darker eyeshadow was applied?

10/1/2011 11:36:31 PM
Lisa said:

Don't put white concealer under the eyes, even if you're putting it in a "fine line." This will look artificial and overdone. The point is to accentuate your eyes, not make everyone notice all the makeup you have on.

12/3/2011 5:59:33 PM
jane said:

so....does eyeliner under the eye make your eyes look smaller or bigger? i have heard elsewhere that it makes them bigger, but the tips contradict themselves.


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