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How to Choose the Best Eye Liner

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What type of eyeliner is best?

How to Choose the Best Eye Liner

Which eye liner you use is a matter of the look you want and what's easiest for you. Liquid, gel and felt-tip-type pen liners create strong, well-defined lines. Powdery pencil and fat crayon liners are better when you want a softer, smudgier effect. Creamy pencils create a strong line and can also be smudged into a smokier look. Many women find pencils easier to use than liquid, especially for everyday use when there's no time to fix mistakes.



12/10/2006 11:28:10 AM
hannman said:

Thats sooo true!!!! I mean I do not have enough time to correct mistakes!!!!!!! I haave to be at work at 9 and I mean I start getting ready 6 and I need at least 5 hours to do my eyeliner, make up, hair!!! well actually hair takes about 10 hours but whatevewr!!

4/9/2009 11:04:58 PM
gjvslf said:

^^ wow.

8/14/2009 6:21:50 AM
Ayla said:

I just love liquid, its so much easier to fix the mistakes when its wet! I tried pencil, but the mistakes i made were SO hard to fix, oh well each to their own :)


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