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Vintage 1950's Makeup -- Movie Star Style

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Vintage 1950's Makeup -- Movie Star Style

What is your movie star style? Is your look sultry and fun like Marilyn Monroe? Do you want to glance shyly through your thick, heavy lashes like Audrey Hepburn? We have you covered with glamorous vintage makeup tips.

For both looks you need to exfoliate and moisturize your skin as well as use a radiant or light reflecting foundation and powder. Dewy, fresh, beautiful skin was a hallmark of 1950’s makeup. You don’t want to skimp on all that beautiful shine. Prepare your eyelids as a backdrop by covering the lid to the eyebrow with a pink or other pastel eye shadow.

Look Like Marilyn

Start your Marilyn transformation with eyeliner. Start with a thin line and thicken as you move toward the outside edge of the eyelid. Extend the line just a bit past the outer edge of your eyelid. Finish with red lip gloss (or red lipstick with a clear gloss on top), and layers of black mascara. Don't forget to apply your eyeliner mole!

An Allure Like Audrey

The Hepburn eyeliner is thicker on top than Marilyn's. After you sweep your eyeliner across the lid to about half a centimeter past the outside lid you can use makeup remover and a cotton swab to make the line crisp along the top. Keep mascara and eyeliner very light below your eye to create the shy, mysterious look.

Either look will make you feel like a movie star. Get ready to greet your fans and have a great time.



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