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How to do 80s Makeup

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How to do 80s Makeup

The 80s were a wild and fun time, and if you are going for the punk look, a 80s themed party or simply love the style, the thing to remember is that the 80s was the time of differently colored shoes and lots of colors.

Get Your Makeup Kit

The first step is to collect all the makeup you will be needing. Remember that you will require a variety of colors, and most of them will be flashy, so make sure you are well-stocked.

Clean Up to Makeup

The next step is to start with a clean canvas, so to speak. Make sure you have cleaned your face using warm water and a cleanser. Dry your face before you start putting on the makeup.

Strong Foundation

Once your face is dry, apply foundation to your face.

Powder Up

Powder yourself as best fits your skin type. This makes the makeup stay on longer.

Windows to the Soul

Next, work on your eyes. Use a heavy eyeliner on both the upper and lower lid. Then apply mascara and eye shadow, preferably of a bright color such as shades of blue, magenta or green. Remember, the 80s were not about looking natural.


Next comes the lip; first apply a primer, then follow it up with a lip liner. Finally, apply frosted lip gloss, preferably glittery and you are ready for the time machine, or to bring the 80s to a time near you.



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