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Preventing eyeshadow from creasing

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How can I wear eyeshadow all day without it creasing?

Preventing eyeshadow from creasing

Set your eyeshadow with loose transparent powder and you will not have a creasing problem, even towards the end of the day. You can apply the powder prior to or after the eyeshadow. Experiement both ways to find the one that suits you. Use a powder brush after coloring but before putting on mascara and swipe over eyes to remove any excess powder.



2/27/2007 6:39:18 AM
Laura said:

Mac has a great product called a primer that works as well. The primer is a moisturizer that contains silicone, which also helps fill in any creases and wrinkles. I just dab a bit on and then apply my eye shadow. I can wear it all day and it won't move an inch until I take it off at night! It's so easy to use and I am so grateful I found this product!


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