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How to Avoid Makeup Fallout

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How can I avoid fallout when applying dark shadows?

How to Avoid Makeup Fallout

Fallout is perhaps one of the most unattractive things about any makeup and it should be avoided at all costs. Though most people do not have crafty shields for their shadows or blending palettes for their foundations there are some basic tips you can use to avoid fallout that can ruin just about any makeup. The first is to use a good, sticky primer, the stickier a primer is the more product it will hold on to keeping it up and off your face. With a primer that is formulated to hold pigment, it will attach to the shadow that you are using and keep fallout to a minimum.

Another good tip is to make sure that you are constantly tapping out any excess product from your brushes. This will make the color a bit less intense but building up slowly makes a makeup last longer and can prevent fallout. Tapping out the excess means that it ends up on the palette, not on your face. It may also be beneficial to invest in under eye shields, these are shields that have sticky back that affixes to the skin under the eye and forms a tray that catches any fallout. This is great if you are using pigments and glitters as they always fall out, no matter how much you tap. Using a shield can keep tons of fallout from under your eyes and all over your face. If these methods are not for you try using your concealer as a corrector of sorts. Hold off doing your under eye concealer until you are done with your eyes and use your concealer to move away any fallout and cover it up. The same can be done with foundation or your foundation brush with the remaining product that is left over after your base application.



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