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What Products to Splurge or Save On

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What items should get the largest part of my makeup budget?

What Products to Splurge or Save On

In the big wide world of cosmetics there are hundreds upon thousands of items to choose from and often times this choice can get incredibly confusing. When it comes to spending your hard earned money there are some products that are worth a bit more, and some that are not. Knowing which items to spend a bit more on is the best way to save money in the long run and get a great look. There are three categories of makeup, the first is foundation and skin. This is perhaps the most important area, which means that this is the area in which you should feel free to splurge. Buying a foundation that costs a bit more can make all the difference between a flawless finish that lasts and a breakout or skin drying that takes weeks to clear up. Spending a bit more money on things like foundation and concealer is the best thing that you can do for your skin and for your overall look. Because foundation generally goes all over the skin, you need to make sure that you find a gentle formula that does not irritate or break out your skin in order to make sure that it is wearable and comfortable. The same goes for concealer, anything that comes in direct contact with a large area of skin needs to be made of the finest ingredients to insure optimum wear-ability and gentle treatment of skin.
The next category is color, this can be blush, eyeshadow, contour, etc. These items can be a bit cheaper without hurting a thing. Items like eyeshadow and blush are used only for their color pay off. Because these items do not come in contact with a large area of the face they are less important in terms of quality. A good primer can make even a cheap eyeshadow last for hours and you can build up coverage and color quickly without worrying about weighing down the face or breaking out. The last category is lipsticks and lip color. Again, this is not the most important part of any makeup. You can choose to splurge or you can stick to $5.99 drugstore products that often have the same pay off. It is completely up to you how you spend you makeup budget but taking the time to understand what you are buying is the best way to use your money wisely.



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