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Avoid At Home Teeth Whitening Mistakes

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What do I need to know when whitening my teeth at home?

Avoid At Home Teeth Whitening Mistakes

Turning dingy teeth into sparkling beauties seems easy with many over the counter products, but it is easy to end up with disappointing results. All kits are different, and it is easy for customers to make mistakes when whitening their own teeth. Avoid these mistakes to get the teeth you want.

You cannot instantly get a shiny, white smile. Many products remove surface level stains, and others take weeks to become fully effective. It is important to start early if you are whitening your teeth for an occasion. Be mindful of all this when selecting the right treatment and start small. A product with a smaller amount of bleaching agent is a good tester to make sure you do not have a reaction to the bleach. You can then move on to a stronger product to get the desired results.

Follow the directions with at home whitening kits to ensure you will not end up with glow in the dark teeth or sore gums. Leave whitening strips or trays in for only the required amount of time, and never use more than the recommend daily amount of treatments.

Whiteners work best when they are not competing with you. They can remove stains, but this does not matter if you are adding more. Reduce the amount of coffee, soda, cigarettes and other things that will make your teeth dirty to get the best results.

Make your teeth shine by selecting a product wisely, following instructions and making it easy for your whitener to work.



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