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How to Care for Your Makeup Brushes: A Few Basics

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What type of shampoo shoud I use for my makeup brushes?

How to Care for Your Makeup Brushes: A Few Basics

Brushes are a large part of any makeup kit and as such, they are something that should be taken good care of. That being said, it is important to understand a few basics about brush care that will help your brushes last a lifetime. It is obvious that more expensive brushes tend to last longer than cheaper versions, but with the right care, even a cheap brush can last for years. The first thing you need to consider is what type of shampoo or soap you want to use. There are three properties that you want to look for are antibacterial properties, gentle cleaners without sulfates (if possible), and low odor or fragrance. Antibacterial is important because our faces are covered with dead skin cells, something that bacteria feeds off of, so you want your brushes to be hygienic and safe to use on yourself and others. Gentle cleansers without sulfates can help to keep your brushes from shedding or breaking off, a process that ends up making them virtually useless. And low fragrance is important because you are using these brushes on and around your face and heavy fragrance can easily irritate your skin and cause redness. Aside from shampoo, you also need to consider your storage methods. You should store brushes either upright with the bristles facing up to reduce bending and deformation of the bristles or you should store them in a folio or case that will help your brushes keep their shape.



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