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Scar concealer makeup

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Scar concealer makeup

Scar concealer makeup can be a difficult product to find depending on the size, shape and color of your scar. If your scar is rather large or wide on the surface but has little discoloration, you may be able to use a thinner concealing makeup. If your scar is very dark or has a hue which is not of a natural color concealing makeup’s applied in a layer and feather effect may work best for your situation. Here is a techniques you may want to try. Before applying any makeup ensure your facial skin in clean, dry and is not irritated. Lightly moisturize you skin with a product that is best for your skin type. Before applying any concealing makeup, make certain that there is no residual surface moisturizer pooling on the skin. It’s time to apply. If you have a scar or discoloration which is of a deep or “not normal” color on your skin you will want to apply a thin layer of a “cake” type concealing makeup which is one to two tones lighter than your skin tone. Once the first concealing makeup has “set” (this usually take just a minute or so, or you could try applying a little base powder to help it along) then you will want to apply a “light” concealing makeup over this area along with other areas of the face to blend in all the tone and give you a fresh and ready skin tone appearance.



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