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How to Choose Mascara

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How should I choose mascara?

How to Choose Mascara

When wearing mascara, there are many things that can go wrong, including smudging, caking, and flaking. Fortunately, reading a simple mascara review and applying a couple of tips can make your lashes look more beautiful than ever. Read on to learn how to choose mascara.

Read mascara reviews. Tips from other women who have used the products can be a huge resource. They can warn you about potential issues with the products or rave about what works well. Companies like provide free online reviews.

Determine your mascara needs. If you have short lashes, choose a formula with lengthening power. If your lashes are naturally long, opt for a thickening formula to provide extra volume. And if you're attending a special event, like a wedding, choose a formula that is waterproof, as this will provide protection from smudging makeup, even if you think you don't need it.

Don't forget a mascara base. Using a mascara base like Shiseido the Makeup Mascara Base can give your lashes extra length, volume, and curl. This is great for evening or anytime you want to add more drama to your look.



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