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Making Your Makeup Last

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How can I make my makeup last all day?

Making Your Makeup Last

Nothing is worse than having your makeup melt or fade throughout the day. Here is some advice to help your makeup last all day.

Apply a primer.
Applying primer before your foundation will help set your makeup. It also creates a barrier between your skin and your cosmetics. Therefore the oils of your skin won't break up the makeup and cause creasing and fading.

Use powder.
Use a powder puff or big brush to add a light dusting of translucent powder to your makeup. The powder will set your makeup and give you a flawless finish.

Set your eye makeup.
Apply eye shadow primer or pressed powder to your eyelid before applying any eye shadow. This base will stop your eye shadow from creasing or melting.

Fill in your lips.
To make your lipstick last much longer, line your lips with a lip pencil and then fill in your entire lips with the liner. Apply a matte lipstick, and then blot your lips with a tissue. Add a second coat of lipstick in a more glossy formula. offers a full list of the best lip liner products, as well as reviews of each one.

Carry blotting papers.
Don't leave home without makeup blotting papers. They remove oil without disturbing your makeup and will leave your skin looking great.

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1/17/2009 10:16:02 PM
Harj said:

Filling your lips with lipliner will only dry them out. One coat of lipstick is more than enough and rather than adding a second "glossy" lipstick, dab lip gloss at the centre of your bottom lip.

It's better to reapply and keep it simple.

6/26/2011 1:22:40 AM
Kazo said:

Well, this seemed interesting!


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