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Touch-up Etiquette

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Can I touch-up my makeup in public?

Touch-up Etiquette

The most common touch-up is for the lips. After a dinner out, head to the powder room for a quick touch-up. If you are unable to find a restroom, then you might have to discreetly touch-up your lipstick in public. Grab two items from your handbag—a small compact with a mirror and a lipstick. No lip liner, or lip gloss either, just lipstick. And remember - it's all about looks. Silver-plated compacts or bejeweled compacts, or vintage inspired enameled lipstick cases are stunning. These cases no only hold your lipstick, but have the mirror right on the inside of the opening. Lipstick is always classic and not too offensive to be seen with these elegant compacts. Make sure it's done quickly and effortlessly.



11/30/2008 6:13:11 AM
lucy weir said:

very good , not very clear tho


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