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The Right Lighting for Better Looking Makeup

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How can I tell if my makeup is going to look right in different lighting?

The Right Lighting for Better Looking Makeup

Have you ever done your makeup in the mirror of your bathroom, left the house, and then double-checked your look once you were outside? Notice how different your makeup looks in natural lighting? You can easily tell where you might not have blended enough, or where the color is too much or even too little.

Great lighting makes a huge difference in the way your makeup looks. Nighttime lighting is much more forgiving than sunlight. You have candles and softer lights at night. To solve this problem, you can invest in a specialty makeup mirror. Companies make lighted makeup mirrors that come with up to four light settings—day, office, evening and home. Conair makes a beautiful “Winged Oval Lighted” Makeup Mirror that looks perfectly glamorous on any vanity or table. This way, you can always tell how your made up face will look in any lighting situation. What a bright idea!



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