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Layer for Longer Wear

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How can I make sure my makeup lasts all day?

Layer for Longer Wear

Who doesn't get extremely frustrated when you take the time to do your makeup in the morning and by mid-day you notice that it has almost completely vanished from your face? Where does the makeup go? You want your makeup to last—hopefully all day if possible. And it truly is possible if you know how to layer for longer wear.

To make any kind of foundation last, you must dust your face with loose, translucent powder. The powder sets the foundation, and also any concealer you have used. Layer a cream blush underneath a powder blush for twice the wearability. The same goes for shadow. If you apply a cream shadow or eye shadow base underneath your shadow, it will adhere and show up much better than just eye shadow alone.

How do you know if your eyeliner will smudge or budge later in the day? Test it on your hand by drawing a line on the back of your hand. Let it sit for five minutes and then try to wipe it away. If it wipes away easily with your fingers, it is not going to last on your eye, either. If you have to rub vigorously or break out the makeup remover to get it off of your hand, you know you have a long-wearing winner on your hands, and it will stay all day on your eyes, too!

Lip color is another story. Heavy lipstick will last longer than gloss, but if you layer lip liner all over the lips and then coat with lipstick or gloss, you will increase the wear time by hours and hours. If you don't have a problem with dry lips, you can try a semi-permanent lip formula that lasts up to 12 hours. The ingredient to look for is Permatone, which was introduced in 2000, and is a revolutionary silicone-based polymer that makes lipstick resist “lipstick wreckers” like food and liquids.



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