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From Day to Night

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How can I make the switch from day to nighttime makeup?

From Day to Night

During the workday, you want your makeup to look polished and professional, but not overdone. There are many times, however, when you need to transition from a day look to an evening look without going home to freshen up. Whether it's a holiday party or just getting together after work with some friends, it only takes a couple of quick steps to get ready.

A great look that is more appropriate for night takes only two additional products that you can easily toss into your purse in the morning and then apply when needed. The first would be a great smoky eyeliner that is easy to apply and smudge, like Prescriptives Deluxe Eyeliners ($18.50) in Amethyst (blackened violet) or Charcoal (steel grey). These gel-based eyeliners go on smoothly without any tugging or pulling on the eyelid. You can smudge them easily with the other end of the liner because it has a sponge tip, so your line doesn't have to be too precise.

Then, top it off with a shiny, sheer lip gloss that is neutral and you can apply quickly. With a quick, dramatic eye look and glossy lips, you will be ready to party the night away… or at least until happy hour is over!



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