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Job Interview Makeup

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How should my makeup look for a job interview?

Job Interview Makeup

No future employer wants to interview someone who doesn't have a stitch of makeup on, especially for an office, retail or service industry position. Obviously, what kind of makeup you wear to a job interview is a little less important or more flexible if you are going to work, let's say, as a nurse or teacher. You want to present the most professional looking face possible. The key word is polished, and not too showy with your makeup. Unless you're auditioning to be a Vegas showgirl, and then bring on the false lashes!

You want to keep most of your tones neutral. No shimmer or bronzer which screams “playtime”. Pay attention to how your skin looks, too. A good foundation does wonders to improve your overall appearance. Cover up under eye circles with a good concealer. You want to appear fresh, rested, professional and reliable.



5/21/2011 12:38:59 AM
JB said:

It won't matter how good you look. Ever since Affirmative Action got into the White House only minorities are getting the available jobs. This is because there is a mandate from the Obama administration to the Atty. Generals office (Eric Holder) to only hire minorities!


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