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Go Easy on the Day Shimmer

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How much shimmery makeup can I get away with during the day?

Go Easy on the Day Shimmer

Many makeup items today have a certain radiance or light reflective pigment in them, otherwise known as shimmer or by the old-fashioned term “frost.” You want to go easy on the shimmer for daytime wear. In the harsh glare of the sun, light just bounces off those shimmery pigments and can look kind of garish. A little shimmer is fine in a lip gloss, and a touch of it works well in your neutral base eye shadow to brighten up the eye area, too. Avoid shimmery blushes, highlighters, and dark eye shadows when going for a softer daytime look. The general rule of thumb with shimmer is to keep it to one feature. You can always up the shimmer ante a bit for nighttime wear!



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