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New Mom Makeup

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How can I put myself together easily while caring for a newborn?

New Mom Makeup

Taking care of yourself is hard to do when you're the mom of a newborn. Even though you may be completely exhausted, there are going to be people--lots of people--coming to see you and your new baby. You don't have time to even shower let alone apply a complicated makeup routine. But there are a few quick steps that can help any new mom feel more like her old self again. Plus, it can be done in as little as a minute! The key is having these three items handy in the medicine cabinet or cosmetic bag so you don't spend time digging for them :

First, use concealer to disguise those dark under-eye circles from lack of sleep, and to cover up any broken capillaries from those numerous hours of pushing to bring your new bundle of joy into the world.

Second, swipe on some great mascara. It opens up the eyes and always makes you look more "together."

Lastly, sweep on some rosy lip gloss, preferably one with a wand for easy application.

Even if you're feeling like a complete mom blob, these three easy steps will make you look radiant and polished—ready to face the world and the mirror in just 60 seconds!



3/3/2010 10:19:30 PM
amanda,bloomfield in said:

iam a mother of these great easy tips were so helpfull,the tips were easy to understand and simple.thank u,i love ur ideas.


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