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Makeup Rules Are Meant To Be Broken

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Are there any hard and fast rules about makeup?

Makeup Rules Are Meant To Be Broken

There are a lot of tips and tricks to use and learn in this book—101 to be exact. But as with any kind of true art form, you can take the rules and throw them out the window if you choose. The greatest creations in any genre sometimes come about when you don't follow the rules. Rules are made to be broken with makeup! Play around with it and have fun. Enjoy the artistic possibilities that you can create on your own face or other's. Find out what works best for you. If you find that you can't stand using makeup brushes and would much rather use your fingers—do it! Or if you hate mascara, don't wear it! Want to use your eyeliner color as a lip liner? Sure! That said, follow my advice or don't follow my advice, but if you stay true to yourself, your natural beauty will enhance anything you do with your makeup.



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