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Common Errors in Makeup Style

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What are some common beauty blunders?

Common Errors in Makeup Style

Correcting common errors in your makeup style is easy. You have to think of your face as a blank canvas. Would DaVinci have painted the Mona Lisa with her tongue sticking out? Allow me to help you turn your makeup mistakes into makeup masterpieces!

WRONG COLOR FOUNDATION - This is a very big one. If your foundation doesn't match your skin tone, it is the wrong color for you. A lot of women try to go a little darker than their skin tone to give them more color. You can match your foundation to your skin tone and give yourself some color if you wish with a little smartly dusted-on bronzer and blush on the apples of your cheeks.

DARK LIP LINER – If paired with a lighter lipstick the look is simply bizarre. Try a lip liner in a shade almost the color of your natural lip. Colors like spice, hazel or nude usually do the trick. You never want your liner to look obviously different from your lipstick.

BLUSH CONTOURING - Unless you are a trained makeup artist, this look is very hard and unnecessary to do on your own. For everyday wear, a natural blush color is best swirled lightly on the apples of your cheek, blending up towards your cheekbones. No streaks or darker blush colors to contour under your cheekbones. The goal with blush is to look like you have a healthy glow, not like you're auditioning for a 1980's soap opera.

BLACK EYELINER – Black eyeliner is a stunning style in the right context. At night, usually paired with a smoky eye, and smudged. But black eyeliner can be much too harsh for day wear. Try a soft plum, khaki, brown, or even a charcoal gray shade is much more appropriate and pretty during the day.

FLAKEY MASCARA- There is just no reason for this to happen. It only occurs with old, dried out mascara. Go buy a new mascara, and make sure you replace your mascara every three to four months.



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