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Makeup Through the Decades

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How has makeup evolved through the years?

Makeup Through the Decades

Makeup trends have come and gone over decades. The modern evolution of makeup started in the early 1900's. Before that, many ingredients women used in cosmetic application were actually quite toxic, including the use of lead and mercury. In 1914, Max Factor created the first pancake makeup. Then in the 20's, makeup really started to come into its own when he came out with the first lip gloss. More sophisticated women started to feel like they could wear makeup in public, while those outside of the major cities still felt that makeup looked cheap and tawdry. In the decades that followed, up until the 60's, movie stars set a lot of the trends in makeup style. People enthusiastically copied Marilyn Monroe's signature black eyeliner and ruby red lips, and it's still a popular style today. The 60's brought about the mod look with an “anything goes” attitude that included white eyeliner and a look that is often associated with fashion designer and mini skirt inventor, Mary Quant, who came out with her own line of mod cosmetics in 1966. The 70's were very natural. But over time, as makeup style changes, everything seems to come in cycles. One decade will be complete with dramatic makeup like in the 80's, and then the next reverts back to a more minimalist approach. Now, as the new millennium is here, it's exciting to look forward to what the next trends in makeup will be. Maybe even a lip gloss that senses when you need to reapply and just robotically does it for you!



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