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Transgender Beauty

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As a transgendered person, where can I find helpful makeup tips?

Transgender Beauty

Everyone deserves to feel beautiful, and no one understands that more than Veronica Vera who in 1992 founded her “Miss Vera's Finishing School for Boys Who Want to Be Girls.” This academy in New York City offers courses specifically in makeup application and style including subjects like beard cover and false eye lashes. For someone undergoing the transformation, feeling beautiful is key.

A couple of tips to keep in mind:

  • A close shave is easier to get with a traditional razor blade such as Gillette's MACH 3 ($9) which has a triple blade system, rather than an electric shaver. This will provide your face with the smoothest surface possible with less irritation for your makeup.
  • Full coverage foundation is your friend. This will help to even out the skin tone and provide a proper base for color application. Miss Vera believes that, “in putting the clothes in the closet and letting the girl out, we can help you to be a happier, healthier and more loving human being.”



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