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Makeup For All Skin

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Where can I find the widest range of makeup for my skin tone?

Makeup For All Skin

Not every cosmetics company makes foundation and color for all skin tones. Sometimes it's more complicated for women of color to find one that matches their skin tone exactly. You can't make any sweeping assumptions about someone's skin tone, because everyone's skin is different no matter what your background is. Whether you are African American, Latina, Asian, Middle Eastern or one of the many other ethnicities found all around the world, your skin has its own beautiful shades and hues. Look for companies who take that into consideration and make it their priority to work for everyone. Iman Cosmetics, Shiseido, Fashion Fair, and MAC are some companies that have led the way in making the widest range of colors available for all skin tones.



10/25/2008 4:58:30 PM
perfume said:

Thanks for the insightful post, i like the images

10/26/2008 11:07:24 PM
fashion fair cosmetics said:

Hi nice tips.The tips are so basic which can be followed while choosing the cosmetics


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