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Freckles and Foundation

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Should I completely cover over my freckles with foundation?

Freckles and Foundation

Freckles are fabulous! If you wear a heavy foundation to completely hide your freckles, you are covering up a lovely aspect of your skin. Let them show! Choose a foundation that has a sheer to medium coverage. It needs to match your skin underneath the freckles exactly. Do not match your foundation to the color of your freckles. Your face will come out way too dark, you will have a line of demarcation, and it will not match your neck.

People with freckles sometimes have a hard time finding the right foundation. Freckles tend to be warmer in tone and color, but the skin under could be the opposite, cool tone. If you want to find out your skin tone exactly, visit a Prescriptives makeup counter. They are the original creators of the “Colorprint.” Colorprinting is a complimentary service they provide to find out the exact undertone of your skin. They can then choose a foundation for you that is your exact match.



10/21/2008 10:37:42 AM
jo said:

I regularly suggest this to my friends who wear alot of foundation. Freckles are gorgeous! This is especially useful for lighter hair colours or gingery hair colours

1/12/2009 5:01:48 PM
Cherie said:

Thanks for the tip. I used to hide my freckles in high school and since under my skin is very fair with a pink tint, I would have a very light "mask" covering my (then) peaches and cream skin. Now I accept them as people have assured me (like your post)that freckles are not a curse. I still have great difficulty finding a foundation that matches my skin, all are too light or too dark! From porcelain to a slightly darker ivory.I still am confused on my tone, once I was told I was "warm", due to my hazel eyes and freckles, but my skin has some pink and is quite light and hard to match to my neck which is porcelain.


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