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Makeup For Your Age

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What kind of makeup should I wear at my age?

Makeup For Your Age

Makeup shouldn't be age specific. When applied correctly, it's timeless. You don't have to do anything different at 30 than you would do at 50. Wear what you like, and what's comfortable for you. The only makeup item that you might need to change as you get older is your foundation. As skin ages, sometimes it gets drier and lacks a natural glow so in this case, a more hydrating formula may be beneficial. Otherwise, don't let age limit your makeup choices!



3/1/2011 9:06:47 PM
K said:

I think that you should change your makeup as you age. Firstly, your skin and it's colouring change as we age, so you need to choose different foundation, concealer and even the various consistencies of the fluid and stick of concealer. Secondly, our hair changes as we age, weather or not we dye it; it changes and your makeup should reflect and compliment the colour. We also may need to add a few items and steps to our routine . So, yes and no to this statement. I hope I haven't come off too snooty but someone has gotta stir things up!


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