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Tan Skin All Year Long

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How can I get the perfect self tan?

Tan Skin All Year Long

Trying to evenly apply self-tanner to the entire body is difficut. It's practically impossible to reach and blend areas on your back. You inevitably end up missing a spot and have a glaring, white splotch - a sure give away that you have incorrectly self-tanned yourself. Take a hint from celebrities: have someone help you apply the self tanner. Mariah Carey even had her own personal professional self–tanner, Jennifer Phillips, with her for her most recent tour. Don't have a friend to blend for you? There is an easier way to achieve this golden goddess look at home. Use a self-tanner mist. Fusion Beauty's Glow Fusion AirGlow ($175) is a self tanning product that helps evenly and quickly apply a tan. The bonus: you don't have to rub it in, and it dries instantly for a streak-free, long lasting tan.



12/20/2010 6:04:37 PM
madeline said:

I was going to purchase this product because I was convinced by this site. However, I decided to check out the product reviews and found that it has gotten extremely poor reviews from multiple sites. I will continue to look for a product that does what it promises it will do.


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