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Looking Fresh After Flying

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How can I look my best after flying on an airplane?

Looking Fresh After Flying

How do celebs look so fresh after flying? In order to jet set like a pro, there are a few easy essentials you need to carry with you. You need to moisturize while on the flight, so bring your daily moisturizer, preferably one without an SPF this time, because you are going to be reapplying it at least twice. Drink a lot of water, which will keep you from getting dehydrated. The only real makeup you should start with when you get on the flight is mascara. Then, right before you get off the plane, tap a little cream blush on the cheeks and blend it with your fingers. Take a foundation stick and use it to quickly cover up uneven skin around the nose area and under the eyes. Lastly, swipe on a coat of rosy lip gloss, and you are ready to de-board!



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